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Gundersen, D. E. et al. (S. L. Adrianos #2; B. S. Oppert #22; L. C. Perkin #24). 2017. Arthropod genomics research in the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service: Application of RNA interference and CRISPR gene-editing technologies in pest control. Trends in Entomology 13: 109-137.
Perkin, L. C., A. R. Gerken, and B. Oppert. 2017. RNA-Seq validation of RNAi identifies additional gene connectivity in Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). J. Insect Sci. 17: 57; 1-7.
Perkin, L. C., E. N. Elpidina, and B. Oppert. 2017. RNA interference and dietary inhibitors induce a similar compensation response in Tribolium castaneum larvae. Insect Mol. Biol. 26: 35-45.
Perkin, L. C., S. L. Adrianos, and B. Oppert. 2016. Gene disruption technologies have the potential to transform stored product insect pest control. Insects 7: 46; 1-15.
Perkin, L., E. N. Elpindina, and B. Oppert. 2016. Expression patterns of cysteine peptidase genes across the Tribolium castaneum life cycle provide clues to biological function. PeerJ 4: e1581.
Martynov, A. G., E. N. Elpidina, L. C. Perkin, and B. S. Oppert. 2015. Functional analysis of C1 family cysteine peptidases in the larval gut of Tenebrio molitor and Tribolium castaneum. BMC Genomics 16: 1-15.
Oppert, B. S., R. N. C. Guedes, M. J. Aikens, L. Perkin, Z. Chen, T. W. Phillips, K. Y. Zhu, G. P. Opit, K. Hoon, Y. Sun, G. Meredith, K. Bramlett, N. S. Hernandez, B. Sanderson, M. W. Taylor, D. Dhingra, B. Blakey, M. Lorenzen, F. Adedipe, and F. Arthur. 2015. Genes related to mitochondrial functions are differentially expressed in phosphine-resistant and -susceptible Tribolium castaneum. BMC Genomics 16: 968.
Perkin, L. C., K. S. Friesen, P. W. Flinn, and B. Oppert. 2015. Venom gland components of the ectoparasitoid wasp, Anisopteromalus calandrae. J. Venom Res. 6: 19-37.
Fallis, L.C., J.J. Fanara, T.J. Morgan. 2014. Developmental thermal plasticity among Drosophila melanogaster populations. J. Evol. Biol. 27: 557564.
Fallis, L.C., J.J. Fanara, T.J. Morgan. 2011. Genetic variation in heat-stress resistance among South American Drosophila populations. Genetica 139: 1331-1337.
Fallis, L.C., K.K. Stein, J.W. Lynn, M.J. Misamore. 2010. Identification and role of carbohydrates on the surface of gametes in the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha. Biol. Bull. 218: 61-74.

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