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Aguirre-Rojas, L. M., L. L. Buschman, B. McCornack, W. T. Schapaugh, E. D. Scully, K. Y. Zhu, H. N. Trick and C. M. Smith. 2021. Inheritance of antibiosis resistance to the Dectes stem borer, Dectes texanus, in soybean PI175673. Agronomy 11: 00738.
Gerken, A. R., E. D. Scully, J. F. Campbell and W. R. Morrison. 2021. Effectiveness of long-lasting insecticide netting on Tribolium castaneum is modulated by multiple exposures, biotic, and abiotic factors. Pest Manag. Sci. 77: 1235-1244.
Morrison, W. R., E. D. Scully, and J. F. Campbell. 2021. Towards developing areawide semiochemical-mediated, behaviorally-based integrated pest management programs for stored product insects. Pest Manag. Sci. 77: 2667-2682.
Scully, E. D., A. R. Gerken, A. Fifield, V. Nguyen, N. Van Pelt, and F. H. Arthur. 2021. Impacts of Storicide II on internal feeders of brown rice. J. Stored Prod. Res. 90: 101758.
Arthur, F. H., S. R. Bean, D. Smolensky, A. R. Gerken, K. Siliveru, E. D. Scully, and N. Baker. 2020. Development of Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on sorghum milling fractions. J. Stored Prod. Res. 87: 101606
Gerken, A.R., S. R. Abts, E. D Scully, and J. F. Campbell. 2020. Artificial selection to a non-lethal cold stress in Trogoderma variabile shows associations with chronic cold stress and body size. Environmental Entomology 49: 422-434.
Koch, K. G., N. A. Palmer, T. Donze-Reiner, E. D. Scully, J. Seravalli, K. Amundsen, P. Twigg, J. Louis, J. D. Bradshaw, T. M. Heng-Moss, and G. Sarath. 2020. Aphid-responsive defense networks in hybrid switchgrass. Front. Plant Sci. 11: 1145.
Quellhorst, H., C. G. Athanassiou, A. I. Bruce, E. D. Scully, and W. R. Morrison III. 2020. Temperature-mediated competition between the invasive larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) and the cosmopolitan maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Environmental Entomology 49: 255-264.
Rodriguez, F. S., P. R. Armstrong, E. B. Maghirang, K. F. Yaptenco, E. D. Scully, F. H. Arthur, D. L. Brabec, A. D. Adviento-Borbe, and D. C. Suministrado. 2020. NIR Spectroscopy detects chlorpyrifos-methyl pesticide residue in rough, brown, and milled rice. Trans. ASABE 36: 983-993.
Rojas L. A., E. Scully, L. Enders, A. Timm, D. Sinha, and C. M. Smith. 2020. Comparative transcriptomics of Diuraphis noxia and Schizaphis graminum fed wheat plants containing different aphid-resistance genes. PLoS ONE 15: e0233077.
Thomas, G. W. C. et al. (Scully, E. D. #56). 2020. Gene content evolution in the arthropods. Genome Biol. 21:15.
Gupta, A. K., E. D. Scully, N. A. Palmer, S. M. Geib, G. Sarath, G. L. Hein and S. Tatineni. 2019. Wheat streak mosaic virus alters the transcriptome of its vector, wheat curl mite (Aceria tosichella Keifer), to enhance mite development and population expansion. J. Gen. Virol. 100: 889-910.
Koch, K. G., E. D. Scully, N. A. Palmer, S. M. Geib, G. Sarath, T. Heng-Moss, and J. D. Bradshaw. 2019. Divergent switchgrass cultivars modify cereal aphid transcriptomes. J. Econ. Entomol. 112: 1887-1901.
Mason C. J., A. M. Campbell, E. D. Scully, and K. Hoover. 2019. Bacterial and fungal midgut community dynamics and transfer between mother and brood in the Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), an invasive xylophage. Microbiol. Ecol. 77: 230-242.
McKenna, D. D. et al. (Scully, E. D. #20). 2019. The evolution and genomic basis of beetle diversity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 116: 24729-24737.
Shapiro, L. R., A. Andrade, E. D. Scully, J. Rocha, J. N. Paulson, and R. Kolter. 2019. Draft genome sequence of an Erwinia tracheiphila isolate from an infected muskmelon (Cucumis melo). Microbiol. Resour. Announcments 7: e01058-18.
Gerken, A. R., E. D. Scully, and J. F. Campbell. 2018. Red flour beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) response to volatile cues varies with strain and behavioral assay. Environ. Entomol. 47: 1252-1265.
Ince, I. A., O. Ozcan, A. Z. Ilter-Akulke, E. D. Scully, and A. Ozgen. 2018. Invertebrate iridoviruses: A glance over the last decade. Viruses 10: 161.
Pittol, M., E. Scully, D. Miller, L. Durso, L. M. Fiuza, and V. H. Valiati. 2018. Bacterial community of the rice floodwater using cultivation-independent approaches. Int. J. Microbiol. Article ID 6280484, 13pgs.
Scully, E. D., S. M. Geib, C. J. Mason, J. E. Carlson, M. Tien, H-Y Chen, S. Harding, C-J Tsai, and K. Hoover. 2018. Host-plant induced changes in microbial community structure and midgut gene expression in an invasive polyphage (Anoplophora glabripennis). Sci. Rep. 8: 9620.
Scully, E. D., T. Gries, N. A. Palmer, G. Sarath, D. L. Funnell-Harris, L. Baird, P. Twigg, J. Seravalli, T. E. Clemente, and S. E. Sattler. 2018. Overexpression of SbMyB60 in Sorghum biocolor impacts both primary and secondary metabolism. New Phytol. 271: 82-104.
Shapiro, L. R., J. N. Paulson, B. J. Arnold, E. D. Scully, O. Zhaxybayeva, N. E. Pierce., J. Rocha, V. Klepac-Ceraj, K. Holton and R. Kolter. 2018. An introduced crop plant is driving diversification of the virulent bacterial pathogen Erwinia tracheiphila. mBio 9: e01307-18.
Chung, S. H., E. D. Scully, M. Peiffer, S. M. Geib, C. Rosa, K. Hoover, and G. W. Felton. 2017. Host plant species determines symbiotic bacterial community mediating suppression of plant defenses. Sci. Rep. 7: 39690.
Donze-Reiner, T., N. A. Palmer, E. D. Scully, T. J. Prochaska, K. G. Koch, T. Heng-Moss, J. D. Bradshaw, P. Twigg, K. Amundsen, S. E. Sattler, and G. Sarath. 2017. Transcriptional analysis of defense mechanisms in upland tetraploid switchgrass to greenbugs. BMC Plant Biol. 17: 46.
Funnell-Harris, D. L., E. D. Scully, S. E. Sattler, R. C. French, P. M. O’Neill, and J. F. Pederson. 2017. Differences in Fusarium species in brown midrib Sorghum and in air populations in production fields. Phytopathology 107: 1353-1363.
Mason, C. J., D. C. Long, E. M. McCarthy, C. Rosa, E. D. Scully, and K. Hoover. 2017. Within gut physicochemical variation does not correspond to distinct resident fungal and bacterial communities in the tree-killing xylophage, Anoplophora glabripennis. J. Insect Physiol. 102: 27-35.
Moural, T. W., K. M. Lewis, C. Barnaba, F. Zhu, N. A. Palmer, G. Sarath, E. D. Scully, J. P. Jones, S. E. Sattler, and C. Kang. 2017. Characterization of Class III Peroxidases from Switchgrass. Plant Physiol. 173: 417-433.
Palmer, N. A., A. J. Saathoff, E. D. Scully, C. M. Tobias, P. Twigg, S. Madhavan, M. R. Schmer, R. Cahoon, S. E. Sattler, S. J. Edme, R. B. Mitchell, and G. Sarath. 2017. Seasonal below-ground metabolism in switchgrass. The Plant Journal 92: 1059-1075.
* Rosa, C., M. Paolog, S. M. Geib, and E. D. Scully. 2017. Novel insights into the elm yellows phytoplasma genome and into the metagenome of elm yellow-infected elms, pp. 49-67. In C. C. Pinchot, K. S. Knight, L. M. Haugen, C. E. Flower, and J. M. Slavichek (eds.). Proceedings American Elm Restoration Workshop 2016, 25-27 October 2016, Lewis Center, OH. U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station.
Scully, E., K. Friesen, B. Wienhold, and L. M. Durso. 2017. Microbial communities associated with stable fly (Diptera: Muscidae) larvae and their developmental substrates. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. 110: 61-72.
Suzuki, J. Y., T. D. Amore, B. Calla, N. A. Palmer, E. D. Scully, S. E. Sattler, G. Sarath, J. S. Lichty, R. Y. Myers, L. M. Keith, T. K. Matsumoto, and S. M. Geib. 2017. Organ-specific transcriptome profiling of metabolic and pigment biosynthesis pathways in the floral ornamental progenitor species Anthurium amnicola Dressler. Sci. Rep. 7: 1596, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-00808-2.
Wang, H., C. Zhang, Y. Dou, B. Yu, Y. Liu, T. M. Heng-Moss, G. Lu, M. Wachholtz, J. D. Bradshaw, P. Twigg, E. Scully, N. Palmer, and G. Sarath. 2017. Insect and plant-derived miRNAs in greenbug (Schizaphis graminum) and yellow sugarcane aphid (Sipha flava) revealed by deep sequencing. Gene 599: 68-77.
Abd-Alla, A. M. M., K. M. Kariithi, F. Cousserans, J. Parker, I. A. Ince, E. D.Scully, S. Boeren, S. M. Geib, S. Mekonnen, J. M. Vlak, A. G. Parker, M. J. B. Vreysen, and M. Bergoin. 2016. Comprehensive annotation of the Glossina pallidipes salivary gland hypertrophy virus from Ethiopian tsetse flies: a proteogenomics approach. J. Gen. Virol. 97: 1010-1031.
Herr, J.R., Scully, E.D., Geib, S.M., Hoover, K., Geiser, D.M., Tien, M., Carlson, J.E. 2016. Genome sequence of Fusarium isolate MYA-4552 from the midgut of Anoplophora glabripennis, an invasive, wood-boring beetle. Genome Announc. 4: e00544-16.
Mason, C. J., E. D. Scully, S. M. Geib. and K. Hoover. 2016. Contrasting Diets Reveal Metabolic Plasticity in the Tree-Killing Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis (Cerambycidae:Lamiinae). Sci. Rep. 6: 33813. doi:10.1038/srep33813.
McKenna, D. D., E. D. Scully, Y. Pauchet, K. Hoover, R. Kirsch, S. M. Geib, R. F. Mitchell, R. M. Waterhouse, S.-J. Ahn, D. Arsala, J. B. Benoit, H. Blackmon, T. Bledsoe, J. H. Bowsher, A. Busch,B. Calla, H. Chao, A. K. Childers, et al. 2016. Genome of the Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), a gobally significant invasive species, reveals key functional and evolutionary innovations at the beetle-plant interface. Genome Biol. 17: 227.
Scully, E. D., T. Gries, D. L. Funnell-Harris, Z. Xin, F. A. Kovacs, W. Vermerris, and S. E. Sattler. 2016. Characterization of Novel Mutations in Brown midrib 6 (Bmr6), the Major Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase Involved in Lignin Biosynthesis in Sorghum bicolor. J. Integr. Plant Biol. 58: 136-149.
Scully, E. D., T. Gries, G. Sarath, N. A. Palmer, L. Baird, M. J. Serapiglia, B. S. Dien, A. A. Boateng, Z. Ge, D. L. Funnell-Harris, P. Twigg, T. E. Clemente, and S. E. Sattler. 2016. Overexpression of SbMyb60 Impacts Phenylpropanoid Biosynthesis and Alters Secondary Cell Wall Composition in Sorghum bicolor. Plant J. 85: 378-395.
Scully, E.D., Donze-Reiner, T., Wang, H., Eickhoff, T., Baxendale, F., Twigg, P., Kovacs, F., Hang-Moss, T., Sattler, S.E., Sarath, G. 2016. Identification of an orthologous clade of peroxidases that respond to feeding by greenbugs (Schizaphis graminum) in c4 grasses. Funct. Plant. Biol.. Available:
Shapiro, L.R., Scully, E.D., Straub, T.J., Park, J., Stephenson, A.G., Beattie, G., Gleason, M., Kolter, R., Coelho, M., De Moraes, C.M., Mescher, M.C., Zhaxybayeva, O. 2016. Horizontal gene acquisitions, mobile element proliferation, and genome decay in the host-restricted plant pathogen Erwinia tracheiphila. Genome Biol. Evol. 8: 649-664.
Rinerson, C. I., E. D. Scully, N. A. Palmer, T. Donze-Reiner, R. C. Rabara, P. Tripathi, Q. J. Shen, S. E. Sattler, J. S. Rohila, G. Sarath, and P. J. Rushton. 2015. The WRKY Transcription Factor Family and Senescence in Switchgrass. BMC Genomics 16(912): 17pp.
Shapiro, L. R., E. D. Scully, D. Roberts, T. J. Straub, S. M. Geib, J. Park, A. G. Stephensen, Q. Liu, E. S. Rojas, G. Beattie, M. Gleason, C. M. De Moraes, M. C. Mescher, R. Kolter, N. Pierce, and O. Zhaxybayeva. 2015. Draft genome sequence of Erwinia tracheiphila, an economically important bacterial pathogen of cucurbits. Genome Announc. 3: e00482-15.
Scully, E. D., S. M. Geib, J. E. Carlson, M. Tien, D. McKenna, and K. Hoover. 2014. Functional Genomics and Microbiome Profiling of the Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) Reveal Insights into the Digestive Physiology and Nutritional Ecology of Wood Feeding Beetles. BMC Genomics 15: 1096. pp. 21.
Chung, S. H., C. Rosa, E. D. Scully, M. Peiffer, J. F. Tooker, K. Hoover, D. S. Luthe, and G. W. Felton. 2013. Herbivore Exploits Oral Bacteria to Suppress Plant Defenses. PNAS 110: 15728–15733.
Scully, E. D., K. Hoover, J. E. Carlson, M. Tien, and S. M. Geib. 2013. Midgut Transcriptome Profiling of Anoplophora glabripennis, a Lignocellulose Degrading, Wood-Boring Cerambycid. BMC Genomics 4: 850. pp. 26.
Scully, E.D., S. M. Geib, K. Hoover, M. Tien, S. Tringe, K. Barry, J. R. Herr, and J. E. Carlson. 2013. Metagenomic Profiling Reveals Lignocellulose Degrading System in a Microbial Community Associated with a Wood-Feeding Beetle. PLoS One 8: e73827. pp. 22.
Geib, S. M., E. D. Scully, M. M. Jimenez-Gasco, J. E. Carlson, M. Tien, and K. Hoover. 2012. Phylogenetic Analysis of Fusarium solani Associated with the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis. Insects 3: 141-160.
Scully, E. D., K. Hoover, J. Carlson, M. Tien, and S. M. Geib. 2012. Proteomic Analysis of Fusaruim solani Isolated from the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis. PLoS One 7: e32990. pp. 15.

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