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Proceedings of the 3rd International Working Conference
on Stored-Product Entomology
(Table of Contents)

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Mills, R.B.; Wright, V.F.; Pedersen, J.R.; McGaughey, W.H.; Beeman, R.W.; Kramer, K.J.; Speirs, R.D.; Storey, C.L. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd International Working Conference on Stored-Product Entomology, 23-28 October, 1983, Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Manhattan, Kansas, USA, 1984.
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Foreword iii
Notice to Participants iv
Table of Contents v-ix
Dedication 1
A perspective on pest management Adkisson, P.L. 3-8
Invited Papers
The population dynamics of stored-products insect pests Hagstrum, D.W. 10-19
Stored-product insect behavior and pheromone studies: keys to successful monitoring and trapping Burkholder, W.E. 20-33
Biochemical systems as targets for insecticides (Abstract only) Matsumura, F. 34
Submitted Papers
A new key to the stored-food pests (insects and mites) (Abstract and table of contents only) Gorham, J. R. 35-36
The ordinal and subordinal names of mites with a list of mite pests of stored products Smiley, R.L. 37-43
Identification of larvae and pupae of the larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae), and the larger black flour beetle, Cynaeus angustus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Spilman, T. J. 44-53
Design and analysis of competition experiments in stored-product entomology Smith, R. H.; Howard, D. C. 54-67
Feasibility and results of population dynamics studies on stored grain insects in small scale bins with simulated climatic conditions Fleurat-Lessard, F. 68-77
Insect population dynamics at the surface of refrigerated wheat bulks of up to 15,000 tonnes Elder, W. B.; Ghaly, T. F. 78-98
The effects of rearing temperatures on certain aspects of the biology of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton), the rice moth Osman, N. B.; Wright, V. F.; Mills, R. B. 99-106
Aggregation pheromones in the genus Oryzaephilus (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) Pierce, A. M.; Pierce, Jr., H. D.; Miller, J. G.; Borden, J. H.; Oehlschlager, A. C. 107-120
Methodology for isolation and analysis of aggregation pheromones in the genera Cryptolestes and Gryzaephilus (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) Pierce, Jr., H. D.; Pierce, A. M.; Miller, J. G.; Wong, J. W.; Verigin, V. G.; Oehlschlager, A. C.; Borden, J. H. 121-137
Regulation of cuticle pigmentation and sclerotization in red and black strains of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum Kramer, K. J.; Morgan, T. D.; Roseland, C. R.; Hopkins, T. L.; Beeman, R. W. 138-150
Effect of different mineral salts in food on the respiratory metabolism of Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) Hassan, M. R.; Stepien, Z. 151-168
Distributions of and relationships between harmful and beneficial insects in commercially stored peanuts (Abstract only) Keever, D. W. 169
Food uptake by Pyemotes tritici (Acari: Pyemotidae) (Abstract only) Bruce, W. A. 169
Properties and distribution of amylases and proteinases in the foregut and midgut of Sitophilus with notes on morphology of these gut regions (Abstract only) Baker, J. E.; Woo, S. M.; Byrd, R. V. 170
Ultrastructure of the bulla seminalis in the almond moth, Cadra cautella (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) (Abstract only) Lum, P.T.M. 170
Invited Papers
Maximizing benefit: Risk ratios from insecticide Desmarchelier, J. M. 172-182
Control of stored-product insects with phytochemicals Jacobson, M. 183-195
Insecticide and fumigant resistance in insects of grain and stored-products in Australia Attia, F. I. 196-208
Submitted Papers
A new plant extract to suppress the population build-up of Tribolium castaneum Herbst Saxena, S. C.; Yadav, R. S. 209-212
Stored product insect control with Ro 13-5223 Wojciak, J. H.; Bridges, J. T.; Bagley, R. W.; Dorn, S. 213-216
Survival of consecutive generations of cigarette beetles reared on media containing less than 1 ppm methoprene Benezet , H.J. 217-221
Developments in the use of phosphine in the Australian wheat industry Webley, D. J.; Minett, W. 222-228
Prospects for the use of permethrin dust in the control of pests of stored grains in northern Nigeria Ayertey, J. N. 229-241
Toxicity of a newly synthesized derivative of titanocene dichloride to stored product and household pests Saxena, S. C.; Rai, A. K.; Saxena, P.N.; Saxena, S. 242-245
Toxicity, persistence and antagonism of Avermectin B1 against stored-product insects Beeman, R.W.; Speirs, W.E. 246-255
Efficacy of tricalcium phosphate as a legume grain protectant Davis, R.; Boczek, J.; Pankiewicz-Nowicka, D.; Kruk, M. 256-261
Insect and fungal response to sorbic acid treated stored commodities Dunkel, F.V.; Liang, Chuan; Fan Yin, Huang 262-275
Studies on the distribution and movement of 14 C-malathion in stored wheat Anderegg, B.N. 276-285
Comparative laboratory trial with insecticides under tropical conditions Wohlgemuth, R 286-289
Incidence of malathion resistance in Tribolium castaneum and Cryptolestes ferrugineus populations collected in Canada White, N. D. G.; Watters, F. L. 290-302
Resistance of stored product insects to fumigants Bond, E. J. 303-307
Magnesium phosphide as a fumigant for control of the cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne (F.) at low temperature Faustini, D. 308-328
An investigation of the tolerance of stages of khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium, Everts) to phosphine Bell, C. H.; Wilson, S. M.; Banks, H. J.; Smith, R. H. 329-340
Magnesium phosphide Wilbur Jr., D.A. 341-345
A review of in-transit shipboard fumigation of grain -methodology, efficacy and safety Davis, R. 346-356
Control of Ephestia cautella infesting stored peanuts with insect growth regulators Vick, K. W., Coffelt, J. A., Silhacek, D. L., Oberlander, H. 357
Peanuts, pesticides, and pests Zettler, J. L. 357
EDB fumigation of citrus in reefer compartments of a refrigerated ship Leesch, J. G.; Davis, R., Zehner, J. M. 358
Invited Papers
Natural enemies as control agents for stored-product insects Arbogast, R.T. 360-374
Sealing of grain storages for use with fumigants and controlled atmospheres Banks, H.J.; Ripp , B. E. 375-390
Principles, problems, progress and potential in host resistance to stored-grain insects Horber, E. 391-417
Submitted Papers
Resistance of sorghum varieties to Sitophilus oryzae and Sitotroga cerealella Fadelmula, A.; Horber, E. 418-434
Evaluating resistance to Callosobruchus chinensis Linn. in different seed legumes Brewer, I.N.; Horber, E. 435-443
Current status of sterile-insect release technique for control of stored-product Lepidoptera Brower, J.H. 444-453
Trichogramma: potential new biological control method for stored-product Lepidoptera Brower, J.H. 454-470
Biochemical reflections on a non-chemical control method. The effect of controlled atmosphere on the biochemical processes in stored products insects Friedlander, A. 471-480
Disinfestation of wheat in a harbour silo bin with an exothermic inert gas generator Fleurat Lessard, F.; Fuzeau, B. 481-486
Modified atmospheres for postharvest insect control in tree nuts and dried fruits Soderstrom, E.L.; Brandl, D.G. 487-497
Storage of grain in earth-covered bunkers Champ, B. R.; McCabe, J. B. 498-515
Cooling tobacco storages during the winter season for control of the cigarette beetle Childs, D. P.; Beard, J. T. 516-522
Large scale evaluation of fluid-bed heating as a means of disinfesting grain Evans, D. E.; Thorpe, G. R.; Sutherland, J. W. 523-530
Thermal disinfestation of wheat in a spouted bed Claflin, J. K.; Evans, D. E.; Fane, A. G.; Hill, R. J. 531-537
Combinations of partial vacuum with microwave or infrared heating of grain for insect control Tilton, E. W.; Vardell, H. H. 538-547
Comparative effect on life cycle and reproductive degree of Oryzaephilus surinamensis L. and Prostephanus truncatus H. provoked by the action of a laser light Ramos, J; de Conconi, E.; Garces, M.C.; de la Cueva Barajas, L.; Martinez, M.R.; Beltrones, J.S. 548-571
Sorptive coatings as protectants against stored-product pests Rodriguez, J. G.; Potts, M. F.; Patterson, C. G. 572-582
An efficient and economic way of killing pink bollworms in commercial cotton Guan, Liang-Hua 583-593
Invited Papers
A system for monitoring and maintaining quality of grain in storage Navarro, S.; Donahaye, E.; Calderon, M.; Bulbul, O. 596-607
Stored product mites detection and loss assessment in animal feed Wilkin, D. R.; Thind, B. B. 608-620
Submitted Papers
FAO's programme on prevention and food losses De Las Casas, E. 621-628
Efficacy and characteristics of dominicalure in field trapping lesser grain borers, Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) Cogburn, R.R.; Burkholder, W.E.; Williams, H.J. 629-630
The effective monitoring of stored product moths using a funnel pheromone trap Cogan, P.M; Hartley, D. 631-639
The evaluation of some food attractants for the detection of Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) and other storage pests Pinninger, D. B.; Stubbs, M. R.; Chambers, J. 640-650
Insect infestation in western Canadian grain loaded in railway cars at primary elevators Smith, L.B. 651-654
Historical change in the status of stored product insect pests especially in Japan Yoshida, Toshiharu 655-668
Demonstration of electronic monitoring and management of stored grain Sandvol, L.; Halderson, J.; Finnegan, B.; Wilson, J.; Whitmore, J.; Sharp, W.; Bechinski, E. 669-671
Estimation of stored-product insect regulations in small bins using two sampling techniques Wright, V.F.; Mills, R.B. 672-679
A list and survey of stored-product mites in China Chao-peng, Shen 680-686
A survey of the distribution of stored grain insects in the people's Republic of China Qizong, Chen 687-695
Infestation by insects in the systems of corn stored in Mexico. (Abstract only) Ramirez, M. M.; Lopez, R. S. 696
Invited Papers
Training and extension for storage improvements through the establishment of special technical units McFarlane, J. A.; Prevett, P. F. 698-710
Prostephanus truncatus (Horn), the larger grain borer, in east, Africa: the development of a control strategy Golob, P. 711-721
Kentucky's stored grain inspection program. (Abstract only) Raney, H. 722
Submitted Papers
Insect problems associated with stored peanuts in Georgia -USA Womack, H. 723-725
Proyecto postcosecha -A practical approach to reduce post-harvest losses of basic food grains at the small and medium farm levels in Honduras (Abstract only) Hoppe, T.; Raboud, G.; de Breve, M.; Sieber, J.; Perdomo, J.; Avanthay, R. 726
Participant List 727
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