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Proceedings of the 7th International Working Conference
on Stored-Product Protection
(Table of Contents)

Full Citation:
Jin, Z.; Liang, Q.; Liang, Y.; Tan, X.; Guan, L. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 7th International Working Conference on Stored-Product Protection, 14-19 October 1998, Beijing, China. Sichuan Publishing House of Science and Technology, Chengdu, China, 1999. (ISBN 7536440987)
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Volume 1

Preface v-vi
Organising Committee, and Session and Workshop Conveners vii-viii
Permanent Committee ix-x
Proceedings of Previous Conferences, and Editorial board xi
Volumes Contents xii-xxiii
7th IWCSPP Conference Summary – Jin Zuxun xxiv-xxvi
Speech at the 7th IWCSPP and the Exhibition – Ms. Bai Meiquing xxvii
Speech at the 7th IWCSPP and the Exhibition – Ms. Liu Shu xxviii
Speech at the 7th IWCSPP and the Exhibition – Ms. Li Junling xxix
Invited Plenary Session Lectures xxx
Prospects of grain storage technology in the 21st century – B. R. Champ xxxiii-xxxix
The great achievement of grain storage scientific research in China – Li Longshu and Jin Zuxun xxxx-xxxxix
The biology of insects of stored products: what has been achieved and where next? – P. F. Credland 3-12
Development and non-preference of Sitophilus zeamais on ‘stackburnt’ maize – D. P. Giga and J . Canhao 13-17
Rapid screening of grain for insect resistance – A. D. Devereau, P. F. Credland, J. Appleby and L. Jackai 18-26
Factors affecting outbreaks of Liposcelis (Psocoptera:Liposcelidae) population in grain storage – Rennie Roesli, Rhondda Jones and David Rees 27-36
Pre- and post-winter movements of maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais Mots. in Japan – Ikenaga, H. , Nakakita, H. and Hirano K. 37-42
The oviposition and development of a Pakistani biotype of Callosobruchus macultus (F. ) (Coleoptera:Bruchidae) on different host legumes – Sulehrie, M. A. Q. , Golob, P. , Moss, C. and Tran, B. M. D. 43-50
The White-marked spider beetle, Ptinus fur (L. ) in stored grain - biology, seasonal occurrence and control using a surface insecticidal admixture – D. M. Armitage, M. P. Kelly, K. Amos, S. Schaanning and W. Spagnoli 51-57
The effect of pre-export conveying on insects – D. M. Armitage, C. Duckett and D. Cook 58-63
Stored product pests in stored grain in the Czech Republic – Petr Werner, Zuzana Kucerova, Vaclav Stejskal and Eva Zdarkova 64-68
List of Lepidoptera associated with stored commodities in Vietnam – Bui Cong Hien 69-71
Models of stored-product pests: Their relevance to biological control in traditional storage in developing countries – C. Stolk, W. van der Werf, and A. van Huis 72-87
Behavioral responses of Sitophilus oryzae (L. ) toward intact and damaged cereal kernels – P. Trematerra, F. Fontana and A. Sciarretta 88-93
The effects of carbon dioxide on the respiration and mortality of Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank) adults – Jian Fuji 94-97
A list of insects on stored traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM) materials in Shandong Province, China – Liu Guilin, Ye Baohua, Li Zhaohui, Liang Xiaowen, Liu Yongli, Kong Fanhua and Zhou Hongxu 98-102
Studies on population competition between the cowpea weevil Chalcodermus aeneus Boheman and the Southern cowpea weevil Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabr) – Ye Baohua, Zheng Fangqiang, Li Zhaohui, Liu Guilin, Xu Weian and Men Xingyuan 103-106
Development and reproduction of Callosobruchus chinensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on four legume plant seeds – Deng Yongxue, Li Longshu, and Zhao Zhimo 107-108
The community structure of insects on the stored traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM) materials in Shandong Province, China – Liu Guilin, Ye Baohua, Li Zhaohui, Zheng Fangqiang, Liang Xiaowenm, Liu Yongli, and Li Changzheng 109-112
Studies on numerical characteristics of stored grain insect community structure – Li Zhaohui, Zheng Fangqiang , Liu Guilin, Ye Baohua, Lin Ronghua and Zhou Hongxu 113-119
Investigation on stored-product mites in Fujian, China – Lin Xuan, Ruan Qicuo, Lin Jinfu, Lin Wenjian and Li Shichang 120-124
Temperature effect on development and reproduction of Chinese cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) – Deng Yongxue, Wu Shiyuan, Li Longshu 125-127
Six new record species of Lathridiidae (Coleoptera) from China associated with stored products – Zhou Yuxiang, Cao Yang and Huang Jianguo 128-133
An investigation for activity regularity of Rhyzopertha dominica in stored grain – Leng Yilin 134-136
Identification of Sitophilus three species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by protein specifity – Zhao Yingjie, Huo Quangong, Zhang Lailin, Zhou Zhanming and Jiang Yongjia 137-138
Study on the population dynamics of the angoumois grain moth Sitotroga cerealla (Olivier) – Fan Jing’an 139-140
The investigation of stored-grain pests in boreal area in China – Ma Zhongxiang, Liu Wanliang, Pan Liguo, Wang Shusen and Zhou Fengying 141-143
The survival of four species of adult grain store beetles at constant temperatures between – 6 and +10?-D. M. Armitage, L. Dixon and P. Hart 144-149
Investigation on species of pests in finished grain and their damage in Shenyang – Zhao Qi, Tian Benzhi , Liang Hongsin, Zhao Chende, Liu Yunbe, Wang Zhongwu, Li Liang, Liu Chengjun and Xie Cunyo 150-154
A study on occurrence regulation of seven main injurious insects of grain store – Zhang Xiaoxiu, Zhou Yungning, Li Tang, Lian Meili, Hao Jingju and Shi Jingan 155-157
Study on the reproductive behavior of Trichoferus campestris (falbermann) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) – Yin Xinming and Guo Miao 158-159
Biochemical mechanisms of Liposcelis botrychophila Bsdonnel (Poscotera: Liposcelididae) resistant to controlled atmosphere – Wang Jinjun, Zhao Zhimo and Li Longshu 160-164
Ecology of termites in warehouse and introduction to their control strategies – Li Dong, Rao Qizhen, Zhang Jianhua , Tian Weijin, Li Ming and Zhuang Tianyong 165-168
Session Summary 169
Problems associated with Fusarium mycotoxins in Cereals – Angelo Visconti 173-186
Pre-harvest contaminations of grains by Fusarium and consequences on mycotoxin contents – Benedicte Bakan, Dominique Melcion, Bernard Cahagnier and Daniel R. M. 187-192
Ecophysiological characterization of common storage fungi – Iben Haasum and Per Vaggemose Nielsen 193-198
Review on fungi and mycotoxins in Indonesian commodities – Okky S. Dharmaputra 199-216
Fungal antagonists as sources of natural fungicidal compounds for the control of aflatoxin-forming fungi on corn and peanut – Raquel Q. Bermundo, Nelson C. Santiago, and Marichelle M. Rosario 217-220
Mycotoxin contamination of maize hybrids after infection with Fusarium proliferatum – Michelangelo Pascale, Angelo Visconti, Maria Pronczuk and Jerzy Chelkowski 221-227
Presence of mycotoxins in corn, grits and corn meal in Southern Brazil – Marcia B. Atui, Flavio A. Lazzari and Thais V. Milanez 228-231
Occurrence of Fusarium spp. and Penicillium spp. and relevant mycotoxins (fumonisin B1, B2 and Ochratoxin A) in maize from Croatia – Z. Jurjevic, M. Solfrizzo, B. Cvjetkovic, G. Advantaggiato and A. Visconti et al 232-239
The effects of mixtures anti-mold agents on molds in pellet – Wei Mushan, Li Huixing, Luo Jinguo, Yi Pingyan , Zhang Yongsheng and He Yongling 240-243
Detoxification of aflatoxin B1 in peanut oil by biological method – Chen Yiben, Huang Boai, Chen Jiaodi , Cai Sizan, Fu Hang and Huang Changguang 244-249
Aflatoxin B1 binding abilities of some probiotic bacteria – Wu Xiaorong and Nagendra Shah 250-254
Moulds: Their effect on nutrition and prevention – Kurt Richardson 255-260
The effect of ethanol on Aspergillus flavus population and aflatoxin content in stored peanuts – Lam Thanh, Hien Okky S. Dharmaputra and Harianto Susilo 261-267
Studies on seed-borne fungi in hybrid rice and controlling effects of some fungicides – Liao Xiaolan, Luo Kuan 268-273
The effectiveness of phosphine to maintain the quality of maize packed in two different bag types – Asmarina S. R. Putri, Okky S. Dharmaputra, Sunjaya and Mulyo Sidik 274-279
Storage of compound feeds for animals: shelf-life and real-time detection of fungal development – Joseph Le Bars and Pierrette Le Bars 280-284
The presence of mycotoxins originated from Fusarium species in wheat – Nada Protic, Mirjana Savic, Marija Skrinjar, Marija Saric and Rade Protic 285-287
The role of microorganisms in deterioration of vegetable oil and measures of controlling – Zhou Jianxin 288-292
The effects of ionic radiation on microorganisms in gluten – Msc Nada Protic 293-296
Occurrence of moulds and some mycotoxins in wheat imported in Republic of Macedonia – Marijia skrinjar, M. Danev, B. Petreski, Marija Saric and Biljana Cepreganova-Kristic 297-300
Presence of Fusarium species and zearalenone in Yugoslav wheat harvested in 1996 – Tatjana Stojanovic, Marija skrinjar, Marija Saric, and Ference Balaz 301-307
Session Summary 308
Fumigation for pest control in stored product protection - outlook – C. Reichmuth 311-318
Controlled atmosphere disinfestion of grain - is it time yet? - (abstract only) – E. J. Banks 319
Effects of exposure time, temperature and life stage on mortality of stored grain insects treated with cylinderized phosphine – T. W. Phillips, E. L. Bonjour, K. Payne, R. T. Noyes, G. W. Cuperus, C. Schmidt and D. K. Mueller 320-325
The relative toxicity of phosphine to eggs of the Angoumois moth Sitotroga cerealella (Oliv. ) (Lepidoptera:Gelechiidae) and the Almond moth Ephestia cautella (Walker) (Lepidoptera) – M. E. H. Shazali and C. Reichmuth 326-330
The relative effects of concentration, time, temperature, and other factors in fumigant treatments – P. Annis 331-337
Various methods to use heat for enhancing fumigation results – P. Meeus 338-344
The toxicity of sulfuryl fluoride (Vikaneฎ) to eggs of insect pests of flour mills – C. H. Bell, N. Savvidon and T. J. W. Smith 345-350
Mortality of stored grain insects exposed in cylinderized phosphine in wheat bins – E. L. Bonjour, T. W. Phillips. R. T. Noyes G. W. Cuperus , D. K. Mueller and C. Schmidt 351-355
Regulatory toxicity of alternative fumigants – V. S. Haritos, Y. L. Ren and J. M. Desmarchlier 356-363
Effects of oxygen concentration on the mortality of four adult stored-product insects in low dosage phosphine fumigation – Ren Xihong, Qin Zhanggui, Feng Yongjian, Feng Shuzhong and Liang Quan 364-366
Studies on the narcotic concentration of phosphine to three beetles in stored grain in China and the relationship between concentration and time – Zhang Lili 367-376
Fumigation of grain in farmer—level mud stores and metal grain tanks using phosphine – J. Brice and P. Golob 377-384
Pressure tests for gaseous applications in sealed storages: theory and practice – S. Navarro 385-390
Phosphine levels outside grain stores during Siroflo fumigation – S. Pratt 391-398
Recent development in grain storage fumigation technology in the U. K. – C. H. Bell and C. R. Watson 399-405
Control of stored product pests with Vikaneฎ gas fumigant (sulfury fluoride) – B. M. Schneider and P. L. Hartsell 406-408
New phosphine grain fumigation technology in Cyprus using the SIROFLO / ECO FUME flow-through method – A. Varnava, J. Potsos, G. Russel and R. Ryan 409-415
Sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane) against eggs of different ages of the Indian meal moth plodia interpunctella (Hubner) and the Mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuchniella Zeller – C. Reichmuth, B. Schneider and M. J. Drinkall 416-422
The effectivity of phosphine to maintain the quality of maize packed in two different bag types – A. S. R. Putri, O. S. Dharmaputra, Sunjaya and M. Sidik 423-428
Results of trial of new phosphine recirculation technology - Beijing Central Grain Depot, China – Hou Jun, C. Newman, R. Winks, G. Russell and R. Ryan 429-433
A sealed granary for use by small-scale farmers – S. Navarro, J. Donahaye, A. G. Ferizli, M. Rindner and A. Azrieli 434-443
The control of mites with fumigation – D. R. Wilkin, B. Chakrabarti, C. Watson, J. Rogerson and I. Clayton-Bailey 444-453
Advances in recirculation fumigation technology in the U. S. A. – R. T. Noyes, T. W. Phillips, G. W. Cuperus and E. L. Bonjour 454-461
Intransit disinfestation of bulk and bagged commodities: a New approach to safety and efficacy – C. R. Watson , N. Pruthi, D. Bureau, C. Macdonald and J. Roca 462-476
Study on different duct system for ventilation and fumigation in silos – Sun Rui, Zheng Guozhu, Zhao Zenghua , Yue Ming, Lu Jianhua Zhu Qingzhong, Long Jinliang, Fu Xinqiang and Zhang Chengguang 477-481
Experiment in recirculation fumigation with low dosage phosphine in silos – Lu Jianhua, Liu Qin, Hu Shutian and Qi Jinsheng 482-485
Slow release fumigation with aluminum phosphide against mites in wheat – Ruan Qicuo, Lin Xuan, Lin Saizhi, Li Shichang, Fan Yili, Li Jinfu, Lin Wenjian, Huang Fubin and Wu Renxing 486-490
Studies on modeling of circumfluent fumigation with phosphine in vertical silo in China – Zhang Lili , Huo Hongjuan, and Song Futai 491-495
The use of phosphine fumigation in combination with carbon dioxide for control of mites in stored flour – Jia shengli, Zhang Zhengming, Yang Jie and Qi jingsheng 496-498
A trail of mixed outside-storehouse phosphine and carbon dioxide generator in stored grain fumigation – Li Sen, Shen Fuchang and Zhou Jianchang 499-502
An outside-silo rubber bag phosphine generator for stored grain fumigation – Wu Zengqaing 503-505
Fumigation against Rhyzopertha dominica by using mixture of CS2 and CCL4 - a comprehensive report of a series field trials – Yang Shenghua, Wang Yanan and Xu Siaozhu 506-508
A trail of a phosphine generator for use in grain fumigation – Yuan Chongqiang and Liu Tanjin 509-512
Effect of fumigant concentration and gastightness on the efficacy of insect mortality in corn stacks – Liu Zhengyong, Fan Lei, Zhou Xiaojun, Shen Lirong, Cao Yang and Wang Dianxuan 513-515
A reappraisal of an old fumigant, carbon disulfide, under modern farm storage conditions – Y. L. Ren and S. E. Allen 516-525
Alternatives to methyl bromide for the control of insects attacking stored products and cut flowers – E. Shaaya, M. Kostjukovsky, S. Atsmi and B. Chen 526-530
Natural sulfur-fumigants for methyl bromide substitution – J. Auger, F. Cadoux and E. Thibout 531-535
Controlling stored grain insects with ozone fumigation – L. J. Mason, C. A. Strait, C. P. Woloshuk and D. E. Maier 536-547
The role of concentration, time and temperature in determing dosage for fumigation with carbonyl sulfide – G. L. Weller 548-553
Chemical alternatives for methyl bromide and phosphine treatments for dried fruits and nuts – J. L. Zettler , J. G. Leesch, R. F. Gill and J. G. Tabbets 554-561
The development of sulphuryl fluoride (SO2F2) in China - a brief introduction – Xu Guogan, Cheng Zhongmei, Seng Zhao and Qui Nengzhi 562-566
Research on carbonyl sulfide as a fumigant for control of stored grain insects – Tan Xianchang, Hou Xingwei , Cheng Lizhen and Wu Jianchun 567-571
Report on toxicity test of carbonyl suldide – Wang Ruishu, Li Xiaohui, Cen Xiaobo, Zeng Linfu, and Tan Xianchang, 572-583
Improving the relevance of assays for phosphine resistance – G. J. Daglish and P. J. Collins 584-593
The develoment of a same-day test for the detection of resistance to phosphine in Sitophilus oryzae (L. ) and Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L. ) and findings on the genetics of the resistance related to a strategy to prevent its increase – K. A. Mills and I. Athie 594-602
Studies on a quick method to measure resistance of four strains of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) to phosphine – Cao Yang, Zhang Jianjun and Merv. Bengston 603-606
An alternative to the FAO method for testing phosphine resistance of higher level rsistance insects – Liang Yongsheng, Yan Xiaoping, Qin Zhanggui and Wu Xiuqiong 607-611
Cross resistance of phosphine-resistant insect pests of stored grain to fenitrothion and chloropicrin – Liang Yongsheng, Yan Xiaoping, Qin Zhanggui and Wu Xiuqiong 612-616
Fitness difference between phosphine-resistant and susceptible strains of Tribolium castaneum – Cao Yang, Wang Dianxuan and P. J. Collins 617-621
Cross resistance studies on phosphine resistant strains of Rhyzopertha dominica and Sitophilus oryzae to grain protectants – Cao Yang, Zhao Yingjie, Wang Dianxuan and G. L. Daglish 622-624
Cases of phosphine resistance for the grain weevil Sitophilus granarius found in Poland – S. Ignatowicz 625-630
Phosphine resistance in the Asia/Australia region – M. Bengston, M. A. Acda, G. J. Daglish and P. J. Collins 631-634
Phosphine resistance in stored grain insect pests in India – S. Rajendran 635-641
Development and countermeasures of phosphine resistance in stored grain insects in Guangdong of China – Zeng Ling 642-647
Some initial results on phosphine resistance of major product insect pests in Vietnam – Bui Cong Hien 648-652
Split application of aluminium phosphide on controlling phosphine resistant pests in horizontal storage – Cao Yang, Wang Dianxuan, Li Shusheng, M. Bengston, Chai Yubao, Luo Xianan, Zhou Zheng , Xu Ruiyue, Du Tiwen and Wang jinyu 653-657
Intermittent application of phosphine and carbon dioxide to control phosphine-resistant pests in horizontal storage contanining bagged wheat – Cao Yang, Wang Dianxuan, Pan Tian, Lu Congmin, Mer. Bengston, Fu Jinshan, Wang Yanggong, Zhu Qingrei and guo Qiaoli 658-661
A field trial of controlled atmosphere with carbon dioxide for control of phosphine-resistant insects in PVC film covered wheat bag stack – Li Sumei 662-664
Controlled atmosphere for stored grain pest control in Brazil: present status and perspectives – J. P. Santos , D. S. Santos, R. A. Goncalves, P. H. F. Tome and P. K. Chandra 665-670
The use of high pressure carbon dioxide (20 bar) to control some insects of foodstuff – D. P. Locatelli, L. Suss and M. Frati 671-675
Effect of temperature on insecticidal effeciency of hypercarbic atmospheres against three insect species of packaged foodstuffs – F. Fleurat-Lessard, J. . M. Le Torc’h and G. Marchegay 676-684
Efficacy of modified atmospheres against diapausing larvae of Indian meal moth Plodia interpuctella (Hubner)(Lepidotera:Pyralidae) – C. Adler 685-691
Sensitivity of Greater Wax moth Galleria mellonella to carbon dioxide enriched modified atmospheres – E. J. Donahaye, S. Navarro, M. Rindner and A. Azrieli 692-696
Resistance of psocid, Liposcelis bostrychophila Badonnel (Psocoptera: Liposcelididae) and the stability to controlled atmosphere – Wang Jinjun, Zhao Zhimo and Li Longshu 697-701
Ecological fitness of CA resistant and susceptible strains of Liposcelis bostrychophila B. (Psocoptera:Liposcelididae) – Wang Jinjun, Zhao Zhimo, and Li Longshu 702-705
The effect of high pressure carbon dioxide, nitrogen and their mixture on the mortality of two species of two species of stored product insects – Song Wei, Yang Huiping and Wang Haifeng 706-709
Session Summary 710
Grain Protectants and Fumigants: assumptions, refutations, proposals and opportunities – J. M. Desmarchelier 713-724
The efficacy of silicaceous dust alternatives to organophosphorus compounds for the control of storage mites – D. M. Armitage, D. A. Collins, D. A. Cook and J. Bell 725-729
The use of inert dusts and insect growth regulators in Malawi to protect stored maize and red kidney beans from insect attack – I. Gudrups, J. Chibwe, and P. Golob 730-737
Evaluation and standardised testing of diatomaceous earth – Z. Korunic and P. Ormesher 738-744
Field and laboratory experiments with Protect-ItTM, an enhanced diatomaceous earth, in P. R. China – Zeng Ling, QinZhanggui, and Z. Korunic 745-757
Diatomaceous Earths: Health, Safety, Environment, Residues and Regulatory Issues – J. M. Desmarchlier and S. E. Allen 758-764
Diatomaceous earths against the Coleoptera granary weevil Sitophilus granarius (Curculionide), the confused flour beetle Tribolium confusum (Tenebrionidae), and the Mealworm Tenebrio molitor (Tennebrionidae) – I. Mewis and C. Reichmuth 765-780
Diatomaceous earth: Advantages and limitations – P. G. Fields 781-784
Application technology and usage patterns of diatomaceous earth in stored product protection – B. Bridgeman 785-789
The effect of grain moisture content and temperature on the efficacy of six diatomaceous earths against three stored-product beetles – Z. Korunic and P. Fields 790-795
Insect control on stored malting barley with diatomaceous earth in southern Brazil – M. M. M. Rupp , F. A. Lazzari and S. M. N. Lazzari 796-798
Effectiveness of plant oils and essential oil Ocimum plant species for protection of stored grains against damage by stored product beetles – D. Obegn-Ofori, B. Jembere 799-808
The effect of combining vegetable oils with pirimiphos methyl in the management of Callosobruchus maculatus in stored cowpea Vigna unguiculata L. – R. Rajapakse and D. Rathnasekera 809-811
Evaluation of some plant materials effects on two major stored products insect pests – M. Yazdani , N. Shayesteh and A. A. Poormirza 812-815
Study on the insecticidal effects of some in digenous plant materials against Sitophilus oryzae L. using oligidic diet – Y. Haryadi and N. E. Suyatma 816-819
The potential use of plant substances extracted from Brazilian flora to control stored grain pest – H. T. Prates , P. Santos, J. M. Waquil and A. B. Oliverira 820-825
Starvation survival and effects of chlorpyrifos-methyl and deltamethrin on Sitophilus granarius L. – Petar Kljajic, Radmila Almasi and Ilija Peric 826-828
Laboratory evaluation of Piper chaba extract against Tribolium castneum and Sitophilus oryzae – Wei Yuping and Xu Hanhong 829-835
Studies on effect of several plant materials against stored grain insects – Li Qiantai and Song Yongcheng 836-844
Tests on effect of several plant materials in controlling Callosobruchus maculatus – Li Huixing. Li Ruhai , Wei Mushan, Yi Pingyan, Nan Yushen, Wan Kaiyuan, Lu Linxian And Deng Wangxi 845-848
Effect of 25 plant essential oils against Callosobruchus maculatus – Li Huixing, Li Ruhai, Wei Mushan , Yi Pinyan, Ke Zhiguo and Nan Yusheng 849-851
Repellent effects of Moutan and its extract against several species of stored-product insects in the Chinese medicinal materials – Xia Chuanguo, Chen Jielin, Li Longshu, Zheng Yimin and Yi Jinhai 852-857
Studies on population reproductive inhibiting effect on volatile oil from Elsholtiza Sp. Against stored-product insects – Wang Suya, Jiang Yongjia, Lu Chunming and Zhao Yingjie 858-865
Studies on inhibitory impacts of seven botanical extracts on population formation of Tribolium castaneum – Wang Xiaoqing, Jiang Wufeng and Ma Wenbin, Yang Zhihui, Yang Changju Hua Hongxia and Hu Jianfang 866-869
Studies on control of stored grain pests with botanical grain protectnat Anlianxian – Jiang Qingci, Jiang Wufeng , Ma Wenbin and Xiang Jinping, Yang Zhihui, Zhang Hongyu and Hu Jianfang 870-874
The combined efficacy of malathion and bifenthrin for the control of R. dominica, S. oryzae and T. castaneum – Chen Bin, Eli Shaaya and Moshe Kostjukovasky 875-879
Developing a new grain protectant - efficacy testing in Europe – D R Wilkin, F. Fleurat-lessard, E. Haubruge and B Serrano 880-890
Efficacy of Cyfluthrin as a residual surface treatment on concrete against Tribolium castaneum and T. confusum – Frank H. Arthur 891-895
Research and application of a new microencapsulated grain protectant – Yang Dacheng 896-899
Field trails on control of stored paddy insects using mixture of malathion and deltamethrin with mechanical ventilation – Zhu Xianjin, Li Haishui and Jiang Zhijian 900-903
A preliminary report of experiment for controlling rice weevil, (Sitophilus oryzae) in stored wheat by compounds of synergist Ms-8 and pesticides – Han Shuntong, Zuo Wuzhou Duan Aiju, Huang Jiangtao, Lei Quankui and Wang Jianqiang 904-906
Research on the new insecticidal coating killing insects, mites and spiders in grain warehouse – Li Wenhui and Hua Dejian 907-913
Study on the application techniques of stored grain protectant – Zhang Guoliang and Li Yuchen 914-919
Experiment on the efficacy of Bifenthrin in the control of stored grain mites – Jiang Xidong and Li Hui 920-921
The preliminary study on biological activity of synthetic polyacetylenes compounds against several stored-product pests – Xu Hanhong, Wan Shuqing, Chiu Shin-foon, Shang Zhizheng and Liu Zhun 922-925
Biologiacl activity of four insect growth regulators against Tribolium castaneum, Rhizopertha dominica and Sitophilus oryzae – Eli Shaaya, Bin Chen and Moshe Kostjukovsky 926-932
Effect of triflumuron on the development of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneu Herbst (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae) – K. Mondal, S. Parween, Ch. Reichmuth and N. Akhtar 933-939
Evaluation of Spinosad on stored-product insects – Bh. Subramanyam, J. J. Nelson, R. A. Meronuck and E. A. Flora 940-949
A new method for the control of insects in warehouses and food industries – Luciano Suss 950-955
Limiting the amount of pesticide applied to small bulks of maize in rural stores – R. J. Hodges, P. Carr and A. I. Hussein 956-963
Foam PVC insect-proof line – Liu Mingzhong, Sun Huachuan , Zhao Honggan, Qing Daling, Yang Zhengxing , and Ran Qihuai 964-965
Pesticide resistance in stored grain pests in Brazil: strategies for management – Maria Regina Sartoriand Irineu Lorini 966-973
Reproductive potential of the red flour beetle and its implication for malathion-specific resistance stability – E. Haubruge and L. Arbaud 974-979
Esbiol 200 with Turbocide GOLD-A new safe and efficient system for insect control – A. J. Adams, G. Serre and R. N. Yaylo 980-986
Session Summary 987

Volume 2

Spin-off from paddy drying by fluidization technique – Somchart Soponronnarit, Adithap Taweerattanapanish, Somboon Wetchakama, Ngamchuen Kongseri and Sunanta Wongpiyachon 991-999
Advance in grain drying technology in China – Zhao Simeng 1000-1012
The current situation of grain drying in China – Cao Chongwen 1013-1015
Flowing performance and drying characteristics of paddy in a triangular spouted-bed – L. Hung Nguyen , R. H. Driscoll, G. S. Srzednicki 1016-1024
Aplication of two-stage drying for effective and economical wet grain handling in selected rice and corn farmer cooperatives in the Philippines – Justin A. Tumambing, Manolito C. Bulaong, Robelyn E. Daquila and Lorena N. Miranda 1025-1039
Mathematical simulation of grain drying through ventilation and the test findings – Yang Guofeng, Yang Jin and Wan Zhongming 1040-1046
Measuring and analysis on fractal dimension of stress cracks in corn – Zhu Wenxue, Chen Zhaochuan and Cao Chongwen 1047-1051
Popcorn conditioning and pest control – Dirk E. Maier, Darren J. Zink, Michael D. Montross, Linda J. Masonand R. David Crompton 1052-1058
Aspects of comparison and selection of grain dryers – Liu Fangjiu, Xiao Yuanzhuang, Hong Jiale and Xu Zengtao 1059-1064
Melanization process in irradiated larvae of moths and beetles, pests of stored products – Stanislaw Ignatowicz and Dorota A. Lupa 1065-1075
Detection methods for irradiated pests of stored products – Stanislaw Ignatowicz 1076-1082
Aspects of grain storage at low temperature in China – Wan Zhengqun 1083-1088
Heat sterilization as an alternative to methyl bromide fumigation in cereal processing plants – Alan K. Dowdy 1089-1095
Study on microwave drying of grain – Yu Xiurong, Su Ya, Wang Youan, Zheng Tiesong, Zhao Simeng and Huang Shezhang 1096-1101
Radiation-induced changes in the midgut of insects, pests of stored products – Maryla Szczepanik and Stanislaw Ignatowicz 1102-1110
In-store drying of high moisture japonica rice – Li Gang 1111-1114
The system for decreasing temperature by ventilation in grain silo – Zhang Lailin, Li Chaobin, Wang Jinshui and Li Zongliang 1115-1117
An approach to grain storage with overlapping wave – Lu Xianrong 1118-1125
The influence of heat shock treatment on dehydration of ginkgo seed during storage – Feng Tong, Yu Xing, Pang Jie and Zhang Baichao 1126-1128
Study on comprehensive technique of radio-preservation of walnut pips – Chen Yuntang, Bi Yanlan, Zhang Jianwei, Luo Jiquan, Wang Yingchang and Fan Jialin 1129-1133
The position design of drying fans in different grain drying processes – Zhang Huajie, Jiang Chenguang and Ju Ge 1134-1136
The analysis on the computing methods for wheat resistance of grain layer – Wang Jun’an and Zhang Hongwei 1137-1142
A study on using heat pipe technology for lowering temperature for storing up grain – Zhu zhi-ang 1143-1147
Application of radiation technology in the storage of Chinese herbal medicine and vegetables – Shen Weiqiao, Fu Junjie, Zhou Jianhua 1148-1151
Microwaves at higher frequencies - can they be used for stored product pest control? – R. Plarre, S. L. Halverson, w. E. Burkholder, T. S. Bigelow and M. E. Misenheimer 1152-1157
Electrohydrodynamic mortality of insects: a plausible mechanism – N. Shayesteh and N. N. Barthakur 1158-1164
Field tests and preliminary assessment on maize dryers in China – Niu Xinghe and Yu Wu 1165-1170
Feasibility of in-store drying in China – G. S. Srzedniki and R. H. Driscoll 1171-1180
Ambient-air drying of Macadamia nuts and cooling of canola using a new aeration fan controller – Robert G. Winks 1181-1189
Session Summary 1190
Biological control methods for insect pests of stored grain in the tropics-constraints and prospects for developing countries – R. J. Hodges 1193-1204
Arthropod natural enemies in stored products-overlooked and under-exploited – C P Haines 1205-1226
Evolution of biological control of stored-produce pests in China – Deng Wangxi, Zhang Hongyu, Li Yong and Huang Hongxia 1227-1230
Decrease in population size of Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) at two temperatures in different wheat cultivars by the parasitoid Theocolax elegans (Hymenoptera:Pteromalidae) – Michael D. Toews, Gerrit W. Cuperus and Thomas W. Phillips 1231-1236
Studies on control potentiality of mutants of Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hubner)(Lepidoptera:Pyralidae) to its population – Zhang Hongyu, Yang Changju, Yang Zhihui and Hu Jianfang 1237-1239
Bionomics of Lariophagus distinguendus (Foerster) (Hymenoptera:Pteromalidae) parasitizing Callosbruchus chinensis (Coeoptera:Bruchidae) – Deng Wangxi, Yang Shicheng and Li Ruhai 1240-1242
Possibilities of biological control of stored food mites – Eva Arkova and Radek Fejt 1243-1245
Distribution and characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis from warehouse toxic to Plodia interpunctella (Hubner) (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae) – Zhang Hongyu, Deng Wangxi and Yu Ziniu 1246-1250
Vulnerability of wheat varieties to stored-product psocide – Zuzana Kurova 1251-1254
Evaluation of Bacillus thuringisis emulsion YW-1 for controlling coleopteran pests infesting stored product – Zhang Hongyu, Wan Kaiyuan, Deng Wangxi, Yang Changju and Yu Ziniu 1255-1257
Bionomics of Lariophagus distinguendus (Foerster) (Hymenoptera:Pteromalidae) and its control effectiveness to Maize weevils – Li Zhaohui, Zheng Fangqiang, Ye Baohua, Liu Guilin, Li Qiang and Li Haiping 1258-1260
Surveys for fungal pathogens of storage pests infesting maize in Kenya; first records of Beauveria spp. – George Oduor, Sue Smith, Ephraim Chandi, Lucy Karanja, John Agano and Dave Moore 1261-1264
The use of Blattisocius tarsalis (Acari: Ascidae) for biological control in flour mills – Per Sejer Nielsen 1265-1268
Inhibition of pheromone biosynthesis and mating in the stored product moth, Plodia interpunctella – Ada Rafaeli and Carina Gileadi 1269-1274
Session Summary 1275
Modeling aeration and storage managemnet strategies – Dirk E. Maier and Michael D. Montross 1279-1300
Multi-year monitoring for quality changes of grain stored in 550 tonne capacity grain bins in western Canada – N. D. G. White, C. J. Demianyk, R. N. Sinha, J. T. Mills, D. Abramson, W. E. Muir and D. S. Jayas 1301-1313
Preliminary study on China’s grain storage region according to its climate – Tang Zijun, Wang Mingjie and Wu Suqiu 1314-1325
Preventing insect entry into welded-steel hopper – D. D. Mann, D. S. Jayas, N. D. G. White and W. E. Muir 1326-1332
Theoretical and experimental investigations on storage of maize in cribs – B. K. Bala and M. A. Hossain 1333-1339
Participatory and rapid rural appraisal for addressing post-harvest problem: a case study in Malawi – N. Marsland, And P. Golob, 1340-1353
Study on relationship of infestation of the Angoumois grain moth, Sitotroga cereallela (Lepidoptera:Gelechiidae), to wheat cultivars – Wu Junxiang and Duan Yongpeng 1354-1357
The development of a storage strategy for malting barley – D. M. Armitage and J. H. Woods 1358-1366
On-farm storage losses of cowpea and bambara groundnut in Northern Ghana. – P. Golob, H. F. Andean , J. Atarigiya, And B. M. D. Ran 1367-1375
Comparative performance of maize genotypes in storage – D. P. Giga, U. M. Mazarura and J. Canhao 1376-1382
Rodents control in the Republic of Croatia – Irma Kalinovic, Marija Ivezic, Vlatka Rozman, Hrvoje zagi 1383-1388
Assessment of on-farm storage of seed grains in dry land areas of Kenya in the light of grain market liberalisation – Kimondo Mutambuki 1389-1393
The using of PVC polyvinyl alcohol double-coated plastic tarpaulin covering for grain storage in the open air – Jing Xianliu 1394-1397
A survey of rural storage loss of grain in Jiangxi Province of China – Zhang Wei 1398-1401
Pests in tobacco storehouses and their control in China – Cheng Xingsheng, Wei Chongsheng and Wang Fangxiao 1402-1405
Review and prospect of grain storage technology applied in Hubei, China – Yun Changjie 1406-1409
A study on grain barns in coastal area of Hebei Province – Wang Huiming, Deng Fengxiang, Qian Liyan, Du Dewei and Zhu Zhu 1410-1412
Effects of temperature on rice quality and mass loss – Gao Ying, Yang Jianxin, Lan Shenbin, Zhang Huachang, Wang Shuanglin, and Chen Lan 1413-1421
Grain postharvest status in Bhutan – Chetem Wangchen and George Srzednicki 1422-1424
Session Summary 1425
Computerized monitoring of stored-product insect populations – Dennis shuman and Nancy D. Epsky 1429-1436
The sensor-based probe traps for monitoring stored-product insects – Yao Wei, Fu Jianping and Zhang Yanjun 1437-1445
Chemical, visual and acoustic stimuli in the courtship of Pyralid moths infesting stored products – Pasquale Trematerra 1446-1449
Technological problems associated with use of insect pheromones in integrated pest managemnet of stored-products – Pasquale Trematerra 1450-1454
Suppression of Cigaretta beetles, Lasioderma serricome (Fabricius) by focused mass trapping – Lawerence H. Pierce 1455-1463
Estimation of the optimum number of pheromone baited flight traps needed to monitor phycitine moths (Ephestia cautella and Plodia interpunctella) at a breakfast cereal factory-a case – David Rees 1464-1471
Comparison between use of pheromone baited traps and counting resting moths as population measures of phycitine moths (Ephestia cautella and Plodia interpunctella) infesting a breakfast cereal factory – David Rees 1472-1475
The effect of modified pheromone traps for capturing Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) – Zhao qi, Tian Benzhi, Zhao Chengde, Li Liang, Wang Zhongwu and Liu Yunbei 1476-1478
Probe trapping technology for monitoring stored-product insects without impurity in stored grain – Yao Wei, WangYan, Guo Xiaoxia, Wang Jianbin and Tao Longhai 1479-1486
The affecting of temperature and population density on trapping amout of three species of beetles – Yang Dacheng and Liang Yongsheng 1487-1491
The capture effect of probe traps on stored-product insect natural enemies – Chen Chuan, Yao Wei, Wang Yan and Wang Jianbin 1492-1495
Investigation on the distribution of stored product insects in underground storage wheat by using GJ89 type traps – Wang Zhicheng, Mong Shuwei, and Yang Zhihong 1496-1500
Using GJ89 type probe traps to monitor stored-product insects in steel granary – Sun Mingchang , Mo Bingwen and Zhao Shuguan 1501-1505
The use of GJ89 probe trap for monitoring annual insect distribution in bulk wheat – Wang Yanan and Liu Mengyuan 1506-1509
Capture of four stored-grain Coleoptera with UB probe traps in different cereals – Pasquale Trematerra 1510-1512
The effect of insect age on the response of three species of Sitophilus to 4S, 5R-sitophilure and food Volatiles – M. E. Wakefield 1513-1518
The utility of spatial analysis in managemnet of storage pests – R. T. Arbogast and R. W. Mankin 1519-1527
The effect of various trapping methods for monitoring stored grain insects in small warehouse – Chen Pin and Lin Yuhui 1528-1531
Insect monitoring outside paddy rice grain storage facilities in southern Brazil – Maria Cristina, Z. De Paula , Flavio Antonio Lazzari and Sorria Marria N. Lazzari 1532-1533
Insect montoring outside grain storage facilities in southern Brazil – Paulo R. V. S. Pereira, Sonia M. N. Lazzari and Flavio A. Lazzari 1534-1536
The comparison of five determination methods for hidden insect infestation – Hou Xingwei, Tan Xianchang and Wu Jianchun 1537-1540
Session Summary 1541
The performance of a novel grain cooling system – M. Ahmad and G. R. Thorpe 1545-1564
Guidelines for sealing steel grain bins for fumigation – Ronald T. Noyes, Thomas W. Philips, Gerrit W. Cuperus and Edmond L. Bomjour 1565-1569
Engineering design of high-power microwave applicator for stored product protection – Halverson Steven L. , Timothy S. Bigelow, Rudy Plarre and Thomas W. Philips 1570-1575
Undergound grain storage engineering – Lin Zaiyun and Wu Lina 1576-1580
Experiment report of grain in underground earth storage – Wang Zilin 1581-1588
Review and prospect of grain fumigation machinery development in China – Lin Xinchun an Chen Yi 1589-1593
A discussion on the technology and equipment in China’s grain distribution – Guan Jintao 1594-1598
Design of 24-m span hyperbolic shell slab and its application in the construction of grain depots – Feng Tianmin 1599-1601
Research on silo’s new type airtight material and airtigh technology – Zhao Zenghua, Zhao Simeng, Yu Jian , Yang Jinting, Liang Hongsheng and Long Jianjiang 1602-1606
A hanging steel silo – Wang Ronghuai and Yang Shizhong 1607-1609
The development of grain silo in Tianjin of China – Zhang Chengguang 1610-1612
Session Summary 1613
New quality requirements in international exchanges of major cereal grain – Francis Fleurat-Lessard 1617-1624
Wheat processing quality: Its assessment and potential for measurement at the grain silo – John H. Skerritt, Amanda S. Hill, Russell Heywood, Ian Wesley, Colin Wrigley, Ferenc Bekes and Peter W. Gras 1625-1631
Deterioration of soybeans during storage – C. J. Bern, I. H. Rukunudin, D. O. Zagrabenye, R. P. Cogdill and A. J. Hageman 1632-1641
Effect of cereal seed storage interval on germinability – Julijo Martinicic and Vlado Guberac 1642-1646
Study on the factors affecting germinated wheat flour and improving effect – Wang Ruolan 1647-1651
Study on ideal quality criterai of further wheat processing – Wang Jinshui, Zhao Youmei 1652-1655
Relation of insoluble amylose to texture characteristics of stored-rice – Wang Jinshui, Zhao Youmei and Bian Ke 1656-1659
Study on rice fissuring during intermittent drying – Li Yebo, Cao Congwen and Li Jian 1660-1664
A study on relativity of thermal values and nutrient variations of rice stored for different number of years – Bai Mingliang, Hua L. M. , Bei S. , Liang Y. J. , Zhang Z. R. , Yao L. J. , An L. and He P. F. 1665-1666
The use of microwave to inactive enzymes in rape seeds – I. Irfan, E. Powerzik and W. Lueche 1667-1670
Microwave treatment of rape to ensure seed quality during atorage – E. Powerzik, I. Irfan and W. Luecke 1671-1675
Studies on influence of mechanical aeration and temperature to the quality of stored rice and fungi growth rules – Cheng Xuehua, Lin min Lin Saizhi, Chen Ronghua and Guo Jinbian 1676-1684
Experimental study on the storage of heat-stabilized rice bran – Hong Qingci, Hua Wei, Zheng Yong, and Chen Chongyi 1685-1688
Effect of tissue type, variety and storage on cell wall chemistry of onion – Ng Annie, Smith Andrew C. and Waldron Keith W. 1689-1692
Cell wall chemistry of carrots during maturation and storage – Ng Annie, Adrian, J. Parr, Lindsay M. Ingham, Neil M. Rigby and Keith W. Waldron 1693-1697
Influence of cold shock treatment on CAT activity of ginkgo seed during storage – Yu Xing, Feng Tong, Pang Jie and Zhang Baichao 1698-1700
Effcet of radiation sterilization on pine pollen storage quality – Fu Junjie, Shen Weiqiao and Zhou Jianhua 1701-1704
Detection of spoliage of cereal grain in storage bin – Kiyokazu GOTO, Yoshihiro MIWA and Motohiro MORI 1705-1709
Research on method for determination of amylose content of rice – Yuan Jian, Yang Xiaorong and Wang Zhaoci 1710-1714
Development of a simplified analytical method for ergosterol determination in paddy rice – S. Wattanannonand G. Srzednicki 1715-1716
New approaches to understanding and controlling cell separation in relation to fruit and vegetable texture – Annie Ng, Keith W. Waldron, Andrew C. Smith, Adrian J. Parr and Mary L. Parker 1717-1719
The sago industry in Malaysia:Present status and future prospects – Tek-Ann Chew, Abu Hassan bin Md. Isa , and Mohd Ghazali bin Mohyidin 1720-1728
Physico-chemical and cooking properties of aged paddy produced by heat treatment (accelerated aging) – R. Ahmad , and S. N. Syed Abdullah 1729-1732
Selection and application of methods for wheat quality control as a new material for human food – Marija Saric, Rade Protic, and Radenco Radivojevic 1733-1741
Session Summary 1742
Phytosanitary measures and safe trade – Robert L. Griffin 1745-1748
The research on and development of grain quarantine in China – Yao Wenguo and Guan Lianghua 1749-1751
Risk assessment of pests carried by imported wheat and phytosanitary measure options – Zhang Congzhong and Xu Yan 1752-1754
RAPD assessment of three sibling species of Trogoderma Dejean (Coleoptera:Dermestidae) – An Yulin, Diao Caihua, Zhu Hongbing and Jiao Guoyao 1755-1757
The study on multimedia expert system of plant quarantine pests identification (PQ:-Pickbugs) – Li Zhihong, Shen Zuorui, Geng Bingjin, Wang Yijun and Chen Hongjun 1758-1762
Multimedia computer system of Dermestidae in stored products (MCSDSP) – Lin Wei, Zhang Shengfang, Zhao Baoqing, Wang Naiyang and Chen Ke 1763-1764
A new species of Trogoderma (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) found damaging stored grain in China – Zhang Shengfang, Liu Yongping and Jing Xiukun 1765-1767
A primary study on ecosystem of plant quarantine objects – Chen Yunqing and Wei Houde 1768-1771
Coping strategies employed by farmers against the large grain borer in east Africa: Preliminary observation – Golob P. , Marsland N. , Nyambo B. , Mutambuki K. , Moshy A. , Kasalile E. C. , Birkinshaw L. and Day R. 1772-1781
Assessment on prevention of invasion of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in Hainan province, China – Xu Wei, Ye Qixian, Guan Lianghua and Zhang Shengfang 1782-1783
Studies on feeding behavior of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in differnet diets and its ability to reproduce and cause damage – M. N. Marshed-Kharusy and R. H. Smith 1784-1787
Host selection or mate selection? Lessons from Prostephanus truncatus, a pest poorly adapted to stored products – Hodges R. J. , Birkinshaw L. A. and Smith R. H. 1788-1794
Geographical variation in body size and the ability of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) to damage stored maize – M. N. Marshed-Kharusy and H. A. Dawah 1795-1797
Bacterial presence in Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) – M. Vazquez-arista , G. L. Basurto-cadena, R. Vargas-becera and R. E. Hinoiosa-rebollar 1798-1801
Seed-bearing and seed-transmission of soybean phytophthora root rot – Zhou Zhaohui and Yan Jin 1802-1806
Plesiocis sp. (Coleoptera: Ciidae) - A pest insect infesting the Mount Tai gloosy ganoderma in Shandong province , China – Yan Jian, Guan Lianghua, Xie Genfa, Wang Shouguo, Zhang Chengbiao, Lu Ling and Lai Fan 1807-1811
The damage of Heterbostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse) on stored products and its quarantine treatment – Liang Guangqin, Xu Wei, Liang Fan, Yang Guohai, Wu Jiajiao and Situ Baolu 1812-1813
Food rearing observation of Tribolium freemani Hinton (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) – Ye Bingyuan, Yang Guohai and Zou Jinqiao 1814-1816
Assessment of role of quarantine in control of Bruchidae – Mei Liuzhu 1817-1820
Morphological and reproductive dimorphism in Zabrotes subfasciatus (Boh. ) – Deepinderjit Kaur, H. E. Pajni, and P. K. Tewari 1821-1832
Quarantine treatment with ammonia to the seed of John-grass and some other dangerous weeds in grain processing – Zhang Jinlan, Tang Zhi, Li Kesen, Zhong Hongqing, Xu Sheng and Feng Benqing 1833-1835
The development of XK- I fumigant meter and its application in quarantine fumigation – Wang Yuejin, Huang Qinglin, Zhang Guanping, Huang Guansheng, Xu Qiang, Zhang Baofeng, Lu Fengliang and Zhan Guoping 1836-1838
Fumigation effect of admixture of AlP and MB against insects on large grain ship in bulk – Wang Kaixiang , Zhang Shangan, Li Baisheng, Zhou Hong, Xiao Rongtang, Wang Zhigui and Qiao Nanfang 1839-1841
Synergism of sulfuryl fluoride toxicity against Trogoderma granarium Everts by admixture with carbon dixoxide – Yue Haiyang and Zhu Shaozhi 1842-1843
Quarantine research on the stored-product mites in improted raw sugar – Zhang Yu, Zhang Guanghua, Sun Liang, Zhang Ming and Ran Junxiang 1844-1845
Quarantine and treatmnet to stored-product insects in provision cell on a foreign vessel – Feng Wencheng and Zhu Chaoyang 1846-1847
Test of treating lumbers with Mirex against Termites – Yang Saijun and Fan Lunpin 1848-1849
Session Summary 1850
Implementation and adoption of the stored grain advisor decision support system in the USA – Paul W. Flinn 1853-1861
Computer-Assisted Learning (CAL) to improve the quality of pest management in grain storage systems – Barry Longstaff 1862-1867
A graphic-oriented managemnet system for stored grain protection – Sun Ling and Zhu Zesheng 1868-1876
The role of technology transfer to strengthen food security in the ASEAN region – Mulyo Sidik 1877-1880
Internet resources for stored product protection – Paul G. Fields and Dirk Maier 1881-1883
A new method of monitoring performance of complex stored grain systems – Zhu Zesheng and Sun Ling 1884-1893
The design and development of grain store multimedia encyclopedia – Jian Pu and Li Guangcan 1894-1896
FluiDRY 2.0: a PC-based decision support system for fluidized bed pre-drying and cooling of high moisture grains – Justin A. Tumambing and Romualdo C. Martinez 1897-1909
An expert system for the integrated test of a grain depot – Teng Zhaosheng 1910-1913
Evolution of a decision support system with changing market – J. Knight, D. R. Wilkin and D. M. Armitage 1914-1918
Application of PLC and SCADA in auto-control systems for silo grain handling – Zhang Yaozhu and Liu Hong 1919-1922
Diagnosis and grading of wheat grain initial quality by a computerised decision support system – Amadou Ndiaye and Francis Fleurat-Lessard 1923-1934
Economic analysis of new post-harvest IPM technologies – Dirk E. Maier and Rodney A. Rulon 1935-1938
The studies and designs of sensor determining moisture of grain bulk – Shi Lin 1939-1941
Purdue post-harvest IPM educator multimedia software – Dirk E. Maier and Linda J. Mason 1942-1943
Application of model ZH-128 grain state detection and control system to storehouse – Wang Yuanhui, Zhang Yuquan, Cao Guangzhi, Leng Yilin, Zhou Nanzhen, Liu Chunhua and Xie Weizhi 1944-1949
GPIC: a decision support tool for identification and management of stored-grain insects and mites – Qin Zonglin, Xu Shengwei, Chen Jun, Zhao Xiaojun, Shen Zhaopeng and Liang Yongsheng 1950-1955
Session Summary 1956
Trade Exhibitors 1967
List of Participants 1973
Author Index 1998
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