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Proceedings of the 9th International Working Conference
on Stored-Product Protection
(Table of Contents)

Full Citation:
I. Lorini, B. Bacaltchuk, H. Beckel, D. Deckers, E. Sundfeld, J. P. dos Santos, J. D. Biagi, J. C. Celaro, L. R. D'A. Faroni, O. F. Bortolini, M. R. Sartori, M. C. Elias, R. N. C. Guedes, R. G. da Fonseca, V. M. Scussel (eds.), Proceedings of the 9th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection, 15 to 18 October 2006, Campinas, Sγo Paulo, Brazil. Brazilian Post-harvest Association - ABRAPOS, Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil, 2006. (ISBN 8560234004)
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Preface v
Program vii
The International Working Conferences on Stored Product Protection xiv
Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Stored-Product Protection xvii
Plenary Session 1. Stored Grain Losses 1
Keynotes 1
KPS1-1 - The Economics of IPM in Stored Grain: Why Don't More Grain Handlers Use IPM? – B.D. Adam, T.W. Phillips, P.W. Flinn 3-12
Conference Papers 13
PS1-1 - 6318 - Loss Assessment of on-farm stored maize in semi arid area of Kitui District, Kenya – K. Mutambuki, C.M. Ngatia 15-23
PS1-2 - 6172 - Influence of relative humidity and temperature to the changes in grain moisture in stored wheat and sunflower – M.Volenik,V. Rozman, I. Kalinovic, A. Liska, B. Simic 24-29
PS1-3 - 6207 - Influence of different storage conditions on soybean grain quality – E.R. de Alencar , L.R.D'A. Faroni, A.F. de Lacerda Filho, L.G. Ferreira, M. R. 30-37
PS1-4 - 6208 - Soybean oil quality from grains stored under different conditions – E.R. de Alencar, L.R.D'A. Faroni, L.A. Peternelli, M.T.C. da Silva, S.I. Moreira 38-46
PS1-5 - 6225 - Study on farm grain storage in China – L. Shengbin 47-52
PS1-6 - 6248 - Impact of integrated pest management (IPM) technology on the organizational attitude of stored grain facilities in Brazil – C. De Mori, I. Lorini, A. Ferreira Filho, M.Z. de Miranda 53-58
PS1-7 - 6121 - Influence of storage condition on seed quality of maize, soybean and sunflower – B. Simic, A. Sudaric, I. Liovic, I. Kalinovic, V. Rozman, J. Cosic 59-63
PS1-8 - 6295 - Post-harvesting corn losses indexes in a storage unit: A case study – V.A. Dalpasquale 64-70
PS1-9 - 6272 - Management of air temperature during static drying and storage period and their effects on industrial performance and technological properties of conventional and parboiled rice grains – M.C. Elias, R.S. da Silveira, R.G. Dionello, L.M. Madaloz, A.P.S. Wally, J.A. Silva 71-77
PS1-10 - 6276 - Drying and storage conditions in white oat grains quality – L.C. Gutkoski, D. Simioni, M. de Oliveira, V.L. Meneghetti, L. da C. Oliveira, M.C. Elias 78-84
PS1-11 - 6277 - Effects of resting on drying and storage period on the metabolic defects and industrial performance of polished and parboiled rice – M.C. Elias, E. Helbig, V.L. Meneghetti, C.R. Storck, M. Pinno, C.V. Rombaldi 85-92
PS1-12 - 6298 - Variation of the nutritional components of stored maize, due to the influence of insects from the Sitophilus complex (S. oryzae and S. zeamais) infestation and resultant fungal development – A.R. Pinto Júnior, L.A. Kozlowski, E. de C. Amantini, R.S. Furiatti 93-98
PS1-13 - 6325 - An evaluation of alternative grain processing and storage methods (storage and nutrition value) – J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakiene 99-106
Plenary Session 2. Microorganisms, Mycotoxins, and Other Biological Contaminants 107
Keynotes 107
KPS2-1 - Detection and removal of single mycotoxin contaminated maize grains following harvest – D.T. Wicklow, T.C. Pearson 109-120
Conference Papers 121
PS2-1 - 6118 - Occurence of Fusarium species isolated from winter wheat and barley grains in Croatia – J. Cosic, D. Jurkovic, K. Vrandecic, B. Simic 123-127
PS2-2 - 6123 - Mycoflora of stored rice in Portugal – A. Magro, M.O. Carvalho, M.S.M. Bastos, M. Carolino, C.S. Adler, B. Timlick, A. Mexia 128-134
PS2-3 - 6253 - Study of the incidence of the alcoholic fermentation of contaminated corn with fumonisins in the main components of the obtained vinazas – A. Ricca, M.L. Basílico, M.E. Irurzun, J.C. Basílico 135-139
PS2-4 - 6255 - Association of Enterococci with stored products and stored-product insects: Medical importance and implications – H.C. Lakshmikantha, Bh. Subramanyam, Z.A. Larson, L. Zurek 140-149
PS2-5 - 6271 - Intermitency relation in drying and period of storage on industrial quality and the mycotoxins occurrence in corn grains (Zea mays L.) – M.C. Elias, I.R. Martins, E. Aosani, D.N. Prestes, A.R.G. Dias, F.S. Sacchet 150-158
PS2-6 - 6294 - Effects of processing and factory storage on aflatoxin contamination of in-shell Brazil nuts – A.M. Pacheco, V.M. Scussel 159-164
PS2-7 - 6299 - External and internal characteristics of in-shell Brazil nuts and their relation to aflatoxin contamination analyzed by LC-MS/MS – F. de Mello-Robert, V.M. Scussel 165-171
PS2-8 - 6300 - Sanitary and technological quality analysis of five brazilian wheat cultivars, in the 2005 cropping season – M.Z. de Miranda, M.I.P.M. Lima, T.E. Bertolin, C.A. Mallmann, M. de Lima, F.S. Vilasbôas, S. Benedetti, A.G. Linhares, P.L. Scheeren, J.C. Ignaczac, C. De Mori, H. Beckel 172-181
PS2-9 - 6307 - Mycotoxin evaluation in feed for pets using tandem liquid chromatography mass/mass – V.M. Scussel, B.N.E. Giordano, V. Simão, M.W. Rocha, L.F.C. dos Reis, J.J.M. Xavier 182-188
PS2-10 - 6310 - Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV) - A possible health concern for workers associated with stored food – R. Corrigan, L. Mason, W.-T. Tsai, J. Stuart 189-192
PS2-11 - 6285 - Interaction between pest infestation and fungus in wheat grain at storage facilities – N.M.M. Birck, I. Lorini, V.M. Scussel 193-197
PS2-12 - 6281 - Fungus and mycotoxins in wheat grain at post harvest – N.M.M. Birck, I. Lorini, V.M. Scussel 198-205
Plenary Session 3. New Chemicals and Food Residues 207
Keynotes 207
KPS3-1 - Opportunities and barriers to the adoption of potential new grain protectants and fumigants – G.J. Daglish 209-216
KPS3-2 - Advances in integrating insect growth regulators into storage pest management – F.H. Arthur 217-224
Conference Papers 225
PS3-1 - 6154 - Fenitrothion and esfenvalerate stability during corn and wheat sample processing – J.A. Vásquez-Castro, G.C. de Baptista, L.R.P. Trevizan, C.D. Gadanha Jr. 227-232
PS3-2 - 6324 - An Australian Approach to chemical residue management in grains - Programs and results – I. Reichstein, K. Healy, B. Murray 233-240
PS3-3 - 6135 - Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) - chance and impediment for the registration of new fumigants - Phosphine residues as an example – D. Klementz, G.M. Kroos, C. Reichmuth 241-249
PS3-4 - 6280 - Performance of spinosad as a stored-grain protectant – Bh. Subramanyam 250-257
PS3-5 - 6224 - The influence of post-exposure temperature on the toxicity of Spinosad against adults fo Callosobruchus maculatus Fabricius Icoleoptera: Bruchicadae) – K.M. Sadat, P.A. Asghar 258-262
PS3-6 - 6133 - Measuring new fumigants with Dräger-Tubes ® – F. Arnold 263-269
PS3-7 - 6249 - Efficacy of Spinosad and IGR Plus to control the pests Rhyzopertha dominica and Sitophilus zeamais on stored wheat grain – I. Lorini, H. Beckel, S. Schneider 269-273
Plenary Session 4. Pest Resistance to Pesticides and Control Measures 275
Keynotes 275
KPS4-1 - Resistance to chemical treatments in insect pests of stored grain and its management – P.J. Collins 277-282
Conference Papers 283
PS4-1 - 6213 - Fluctuating asymmetry in pyrethroid-resistant and -susceptible populations of the maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) – A.S. Corrêa, J.T. Santos, E.M.G. Cordeiro, R.N.C. Guedes 285-291
PS4-2 - 6211 - Enzyme activity of the energy-metabolism of pyrethroid-resistant and -susceptible populations of the maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) – R.A. Araújo, G.H. Ferreira, M.G.A. Oliveira, R.N.C. Guedes 292-298
PS4-3 - 6212 - Deltamethrin-induced behavioral responses of pyrethroid-resistant and -susceptible populations of the maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) – N.M.P. Guedes, L.B. Silva, R.N.C. Guedes 299-305
PS4-4 - 6122 - Rapid bioassay for determining the phosphine tolerance – R. Steuerwald, H. Dierks-Lange, S. Schmitt 306-311
PS4-5 - 6128 - Resistance detection of Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) (Coleoptera, Silvanidae) to organophosphorous and pyrethroids insecticides – H. Beckel, I. Lorini, S.M.N. Lazzari 312-318
PS4-6 - 6134 - Resistance to Phosphine in Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrychidae) collected from wheat storages in Brazil – I. Lorini, P.J. Collins 319-323
PS4-7 - 6150 - Resistance of Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) to Pirimiphos methyl in Three Zones in Nigeria – O.O. Odeyemi, O.A. Gbaye, O. Akeju 324-329
PS4-8 - 6198 - Lethal effects of contact insecticides on Sitophilus granarius originating from different populations after various exposure periods – P. Kljajic, I. Peric 330-337
PS4-9 - 6200 - Effects of several contact insecticides on adults of three Sitophilus species – P. Kljajic, G. Andric, I. Peric 338-343
PS4-10 - 6243 -Phosphine resistance, respiration rate and fitness consequences in Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) – M.A.G. Pimentel, L.R.D'A. Faroni, R.N.C. Guedes, A.P. Neto, F.M. Garcia 344-351
PS4-11 - 6129 - RNA investigation of Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) (Coleoptera, Silvanidae) resistant and susceptible strains to fenitrothion insecticide – H. Beckel , N.C. Lângaro, I. Lorini, S.M.N. Lazzari 352-358
Plenary Session 5. Biology, Behavior, and Pest Detection on Stored Grain 359
Keynotes 359
KPS5-1 - Spatial distribution and movement patterns of stored-product insects – J.F. Campbell, G.P. Ching'oma, M.D. Toews, S.B. Ramaswamy 361-370
KPS5-2 - Storage arthropod pest detection - current status and future directions – M.E. Wakefield 371-384
Conference Papers 385
PS5-1 - 6104 - Occurrence of coleoptera and lepidoptera species in rice stores at Calasparra (Murcia , Spain) – M.J. Pascual-Villalobos 387-391
PS5-2 - 6130 - Initial and delayed mortality of Rhyzopertha dominica F. (Col: Bostrychidae) and Tribolium castaneum Herbst (Col: Tenebrionidae) exposed to Silico-Sec® formulation of diatomaceous earth – M. Ziaee, M.H. Safaralizadeh, N. Shayesteh 392-399
PS5-3 - 6167 - The effect of some biochemical and technological properties of wheat grain on granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) development – J. Nawrot, J.R. Warchalewski, D. Piasecka-Kwiatkowska, A. Niewiada, M. Gawlak, S.T. Grundas, J. Fornal 400-407
PS5-4 - 6175 - Integrating the Stored Grain Advisor Pro expert system with an automated electronic grain probe trapping system – P.W. Flinn, G.P. Opit, J.E. Throne 408-413
PS5-5 - 6152 - Spatial distribution of food trap catches of Tribolium castaneum, T. confusum and Typhaea stercorea and precision Integrated Pest Management in a semolina mill – P. Trematerra, P. Gentile 414-422
PS5-6 - 6231 - Laboratory studies of insect behaviour and pest control; a neglected interface or different worlds? Examples from studies with Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) – P.F. Credland 423-432
PS5-7 - 6145 - Tracking the origins and feeding habitats of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) using elemental markers – R.M. Mahroof, T.W. Phillips 433-440
PS5-8 - 6169 - Behavioural responses of Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) to flour previously infested or contaminated by Ephestia kuehniella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) semiochemicals – C.G. Athanassiou, N.G. Kavallieratos, S.N. Xyrafidis, P. Trematerra 441-445
PS5-9 - 6305 - Genetic differentiation at the inter- and intra-specific level of stored grain insects using a simple molecular approach (RAPD) – F. Fleurat-Lessard, V. Pronier 446-455
PS5-10 - 6187 -Relationship between density of adult rusty grain beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae) and insector counts in stored wheat at uniform moisture content and small temperature fluctuations – F. Jian, R. Larson 456-462
PS5-11 - 6244 - Population growth and grain loss of Cathartus quadricollis (Guerin-Meneville) (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) in different stored grains – A.P. Neto, M.A.G. Pimentel, L.R.D'A. Faroni, F.M. Garcia, A.H. de Sousa 463-468
PS5-12 - 6185 - Development of Cadra cautella (Walker), Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton), and Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) (Lepidoptera Pyralidae) on Triticum monococcum L., T. dicoccum Schrank ex Schübler, and T. spelta L. – D.P. Locatelli, L. Limonta, M. Stampini 469-475
PS5-13 - 6304 - Acoustic detection and automatic identification of insect stages activity in grain bulks by noise spectra processing through classification algorithms – F. Fleurat-Lessard, B. Tomasini, L. Kostine, B. Fuzeau 476-486
PS5-14 - 6202 - Correlation between Plodia interpunctella hübner (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) males captured with a wing trap and the real density of moth's population – S. Savoldelli 487-491
Plenary Session 6. Fumigation and Control Atmosphere 493
Keynotes 493
KPS6-1 - New global challenges to the use of gaseous treatments in stored products – S. Navarro 495-509
KPS6-2 - The return of the fumigants – P.J.F. Ducom 510-516
Conference Papers 517
PS6-1 - 6173 - Factors affecting the efficacy of sulphuryl fluoride as a fumigant – C.H. Bell 519-526
PS6-2 - 6146 - Large scale grain fumigations using pure cylinderized phosphine together with the HORN DILUPHOS SYSTEM – P. Horn, F. Horn 527-533
PS6-3 - 6147 - Advances in post harvest fresh fruit fumigation using pure cylindered phosphine together with the HORN DILUPHOS SYSTEM – F. Horn, P. Horn 534-541
PS6-4 - 6155 - Real-time monitoring of a flour mill fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride – W. Chayaprasert, D.E. Maier, K.E. Ileleji, J.Y. Murthy 542-550
PS6-5 - 6156 - Modeling the structural fumigation of flour mills and food processing facilities – W. Chayaprasert, D.E. Maier, K.E. Ileleji, J.Y. Murthy 551-558
PS6-6 - 6166 - The degesch phosphine generator - a fast phosphine application – R. Steuerwald, H. Dierks-Lange, S. Schmitt 559-563
PS6-7 - 6196 - The speedbox - an innovative application device for the degesch plates – G. Jakob, H. Dierks-Lange, F.W. Heck, S. Schmitt 564-566
PS6-8 - 6197 - Phosphine - the natural cycle – S. Schmitt 567-569
PS6-9 - 6226 - Evaluation of large modern warehouse designed and constructed for application of carbon dioxide – G. Daolin, L. Shengbin, G. Ying, D. Chaoming, Y. Zhao, D. Jianwu, T. Jie, M. Honglin, H. Qile, L. Guiyong, M. Zhongping, L. Liguang 570-577
PS6-10 - 6229 - Response of eleven stored product pest species to modified atmospheres with high carbon dioxide concentrations – J. Riudavets, C. Castañé, O. Alomar, M.J. Pons, R. Gabarra 578-585
PS6-11 - 6251 - Detailed and reduced form modeling of structural fumigation in food processing facilities – V. Ambatipudi, J.Y. Murthy, D.E. Maier 586-594
PS6-12 - 6311 - A Preliminary report of sulfuryl fluoride and methyl bromide fumigation of flour mills – W.-T. Tsai, L.J. Mason, K.E. Ileleji 595-599
PS6-13 - 6319 - Electively applying phosphine fumigation technology in Tianjin area of China – J. Lv, S. Jia, C. Liu, Q. Zhu, Q. Liu, Z. Zhang, S. Liu, J. Zhang 600-604
PS6-14 - 6331 - Evaluation of oil extracted from corn grains ozonized at different levels of grain mass temperature – A. de M. Pereira, L.R. D'A. Faroni, A.H. de Sousa, J.L.P. Marco, M.T.C. da Silva 605-611
PS6-15 - 6184 - FumicoverT An effort in reducing losses in stored grains at farm levels – A.V. Dhuri 612-617
PS6-16 - 6164 - VAPORMATE (16.7 wt% EtF in CO 2): dispensing techniques – R. Ryan, N. Grant, J. Nicolson, D. Beven, A. Harvey 618-623
PS6-17 - 6165 - SterigasT and CosmicT: update on proposed new fumigants – R. Ryan, N. Grant, J. Nicolson, D. Beven, A. Harvey 624-629
PS6-18 - 6313 -Propylene oxide as a potential quarantine fumigant for insect disinfestation of nuts – A.A. Isikber, S. Navarro, S. Finkelman, M. Rindner, R. Dias 630-634
PS6-19 - 6259 - Commercial performance and global development status of ProFume® gas fumigant – S. Prabhakaran 635-641
PS6-20 - 6221 - Updates on the global application of Eco 2 Fume and Vaporph 3 OS ® phosphine fumigants – R. Cavasin, M. DePalo, J. Tumambing 642-650
Plenary Session 7. Alternative Methods to Chemical Control 651
Keynotes 651
KPS7-1 - Alternatives to chemical control of stored-product insects in temperate regions – P. Fields 653-662
KPS7-2 - Alternatives to chemical control of stored-product insects on small farms in the tropics – J.P. Santos 663-674
Conference Papers 675
PS7-1 - 6308 - Efficacy of a cellulose-based product in controlling house mouse (Mus musculus) in agricultural storage facilities – G. Jokic, M. Vuksa, S. Πedovic 677-680
PS7-2 - 6301 - Susceptibility of three species of Sitophilus to diatomaceous earth – Z. Korunic, P. Fields 681-686
PS7-3 - 6141 - Bioactivity of 1,8 - cineole, camphor and carvacrol against rusty grain beetle (Cryptolestes ferrugineus Steph.) on stored wheat – V. Rozman, I. Kalinovic, A. Liska 687-694
PS7-4 - 6180 Combination of diatomaceous earth and temperature to control Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in pearl millet seeds – F.C. Ceruti, S.M.N. Lazzari, F.A. Lazzari 695-700
PS7-5 - 6252 - Response of Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) to different volatiles of wheat grains – F.C. Ceruti, A.R. Pinto Júnior, R.I.N. de Carvalho, E. Vianna 701-705
PS7-6 - 6328 - Influence of grain mass temperature on ozone toxicity to Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) – A.H. de Sousa, L.R.D'A. Faroni, A. de M. Pereira, F. da S. Cardoso, E. Heberle 706-710
PS7-7 - 6330 - Preference of Acarophenax lacunatus (Cross & Krantz) (Prostigmata: Acarophenacidae) for eggs of different hosts – C.R.F. de Oliveira, L.R.D'A. Faroni, A.H. de Sousa, F.M. Garcia, L. da S. e Souza 711-718
PS7-8 - 6119 - Development and applications of the hermetic storage technology – P. Villers, T. de Bruin, S. Navarro 719-729
PS7-9 - 6116 - New trends in the use of diatomaceous earth against stored-grain insects – C.G. Athanassiou, Z. Korunic, N.G. Kavallieratos, G.G. Peteinatos, M.C. Boukouvala , N.H. Mikeli 730-740
PS7-10 - 6148 - Efficacy of heat against the mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuehniella and methods to test the efficacy of a treatment in a flour mill – C.S. Adler 741-746
PS7-11 - 6151 - Integrated Pest Management in Italian pasta factories – P. Trematerra, L. Süss 747-753
PS7-12 - 6158 Modeling non-uniform airflow distribution in large grain silos using Fluent – D. Garg, D.E. Maier 754-762
PS7- 13 - 6161 - Physical exclusion measures for prevention of pest entry into stored grain silos – D.E. Maier, R. Hulasare, D.J.P. Moog 763-772
PS7-14 - 6162 - Ozonation as a non-chemical stored product protection technology – D.E. Maier, R. Hulasare, C.A. Campabadal, C.P. Woloshuk, L. Mason 773-777
PS7-15 - 6163 - Effect of temperature management on confined populations of red flour beetle and maize weevil in stored maize - Five year summary of pilot bin trials – D.E. Maier, R. Hulasare, D.J.P. Moog, K.E. Ileleji, C.P. Woloshuk, L.J. Mason 778-788
PS7-16 - 6168 - Efficacy of spinosad for insect management in farm stored maize – D.E. Maier, K.E. Ileleji, D. Szabela 789-796
PS7-17 - 6189 - Spatial effects on competition between the larval parasitoids Habrobracon hebetor (Say) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Venturia canescens (Gravenhorst) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) parasitising the Mediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuehnie – A. Paust, C. Reichmuth, C. Büttner, S. Prozell, C.S. Adler, M. Schöller 797-803
PS7-18 - 6195 - Control of Zabrotes subfasciatus (Boheman) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Bruchinae) in Phaseolus vulgaris Linnaeus, using diatomaceous earth under different temperature – F.N. Lazzari, C.S. Ribeiro-Costa 804-810
PS7-19 - 6203 - Evaluation of contact activities of plant extracts against Sitophilus zeamais motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) – M.R. Potenza, J. Justi Junior, J.N. Alves 811-815
PS7-20 - 6204 - Effects of diatomaceous earth used to control stored grain pests on technological, physical and cooking characteristics of parboiled and conventionally processed rice – A. Morás, J. Gelain, C.M. Romano, I. Lorini, M.A. Gularte, M.C. Elias 816-822
PS7-21 - 6205 - Diatomaceous earth and propionic acid to control Sitophilus oryzae and Oryzaephilus surinamensis rice stored grain pests – A. Morás, F.M. Pereira, M. de Oliveira, I. Lorini, M.A. Schirmer, M.C. Elias 823-828
PS7-22 - 6217 - The study of behavioral response and control effectiveness of the Sitophilus zeamais L. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and different concentrations of essential oils – A.R. Pinto Júnior, R.I.N. de Carvalho, S.P. Netto, F.C. Ceruti, A.P. Tavares, L. Guerreiro, A.K.N. Santos 829-834
PS7-23 - 6238 - The effect of sub-zero temperature on the mortality of Ephestia elutella (Hübner) – D.A. Collins, S.T. Conyers, S.K. Cardwell 835-842
PS7-24 - 6239 - The effect of high temperature on the mortality of Lasioderma serricorne (F.) – S.T. Conyers, D.A. Collins 843-848
PS7-25 - 6240 - Efficacy of a Chinese diatomaceous earth and purpose-built sprayer for control of stored grain insect pests in an empty warehouse – Y. Cao, Y. Li, P. Wang, L. Wei, J. Su 849-854
PS7-26 - 6247 - Factors affecting storage insect susceptibility to the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana – M.E. Wakefield 855-862
PS7-27 - 6250 - Efficacy of "diatomaceous earth" to control the main stored grain pests – I. Lorini, H. Beckel 863-867
PS7-28 - 6266 - Comparative insecticidal efficacy of five raw African diatomaceous earths against three tropical stored grain Coleopteran pests: Sitophilus zeamais, Tribolium castaneum and Rhyzopertha dominica – B.M. Mvumi, T.E. Stathers, V. Kaparadza, F. Mukoyi, P. Masiiwa, P. Jowah, W. Riwa 868-876
PS7-29 - 6279 - Control of Acanthoscelides obtectus in black beans with diatomaceus earth – C.M. Romano, A. Móras, M. de Oliveira, J.M. Pereira, M.A. Gularte, M.C. Elias 877-882
PS7-30 - 6286 - Evaluation of toxic effect of plant extracts on adults of Sitophilus oryzae L., 1763 (Col. , Curculionidae) – M.M.M. Rupp, M.E. da S. Cruz, J.C.T. Collella, S.P. Souza Junior, K.R.F. Schwan-Estrada, M.J. da S. Cruz, A.C. Fiori-Tutida 883-889
PS7-31 - 6291 - Toxic effect of vegetable extracts on adults of Sitophilus zeamais Mots. 1855 (Col. , Curculionidae) – M.M.M. Rupp, M.E. da S. Cruz, K.R.F. Schwan-Estrada, S.P. Souza Junior, J.C.T. Collella, M.J. da S. Cruz, A.C. Fiori-Tutida 890-896
PS7-32 - 6292 - Artificial cooling to control coleopterans in paddy rice stored in metallic silo – F.A. Lazzari, S.M.N. Lazzari, A.F. Karkle 897-903
PS7-33 - 6314 - Ozone: A new control strategy for stored grain – L.J. Mason, C.P. Woloshuk, F. Mendoza, D.E. Maier, S.A. Kells 904-907
PS7-34 - 6329 - Toxicity of mustard essential oil to larvae and pupas of Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) – R.R. da Costa, A.H. de Sousa, L.R.D'A. Faroni, O.D. Dhingra, M.A.G. Pimentel 908-913
PS7-35 - 6332 - Development of the mexican bean weevil (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on bean genotypes with and without arcelin over two generations – E.C. Guzzo, O.M.B. Corrêa, J.D. Vendramim, A.L. Lourenção, S.A.M. Carbonell, A.F. Chiorato 914-919
PS7-36 - 6309 - Laboratory effects and efficacy of a Se-based rodenticide in controlling rodents in storage facilities – M. Vuksa, M. Draganic, S. Ðedovic , G. Jokic 920-925
PS7-37 - 6333 - Evaluation of insecticidal activity of aqueous extracts of Chenopodium spp. in relation to Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabr.) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) – E.C. Guzzo, M.A.G.C. Tavares, J.D. Vendramim 926-930
PS7-38 - 6177 - Refrigaeration - a low energy process for refrigerating stored grains – G. Thorpe 931-938
PS7-39 - 6199 - Laboratory assessment of effects of a diatomaceous earth formulation on Sitophilus oryzae and Tribolium castaneum after different exposure periods – P. Kljajic , G. Andric, M. Prijovic, I. Peric 939-945
PS7-40 - 6297 - Preservation of Mestizo 1 (PSB Rc72H) seeds using hermetic and low temperature storage technologies – G.C. Sabio, J.V. Dator, R.F. Orge, D.D.T. Julian, D.G. Alvindia, G.C. Miranda, M.C. Austria 946-955
PS7-41 - 6303 - Feasibility of French beans disinfestation based on freezing intolerance of post-embryonic stages of Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say) (Col. : Bruchidae) – A.S. Dupuis, B. Fuzeau, F. Fleurat-Lessard 956-965
Plenary Session 8. Quality in Grain Drying 967
Keynotes 967
KPS8-1 - Preserving quality during grain drying and techniques for measuring grain quality – D.S. Jayas, P.K. Ghosh 969-982
Conference Papers 983
PS8-1 - 6138 - Effects of chilled aeration on grain quality – G. Srzednicki, M. Singh, R.H. Driscoll 985-993
PS8-2 - 6257 -Equilibrium moisture content (EMC) relationships of three popcorn grain varieties and their incorporation into in-bin grain conditioning strategies – D. Garg, R.G. Larson, D.E. Maier 994-1002
PS8-3 - 6262 - Effect of stationary and intermittent drying on latent damages in rice grains stored – F. da F. Barbosa, M.J. Milmann, C.A.A. Fagundes, I.G. Martins, O.N. Schownke, A. da C. da Cunha Neto, M.C. Elias 1003-1011
PS8-4 - 6263 - Effects of air temperature in drying on white oat grains quality – M.C. Elias, L.J. Marini, L. da C. Oliveira, E. Aosani, R.B. Prestes, L.C. Gutkoski 1012-1018
PS8-5 - 6265 - Effects of drying methods and storage period in the industrial quality of wheat – M.A. Schirmer, J.D. Freo, M.M. Müller, P.D.F. Bueno, D.H. Prestes, M.C. Elias 1019-1025
PS8-6 - 6267 - Effects of resting on drying and storage period on the metabolic defects and industrial performance of polished and parboiled rice – M.C. Elias, E. Helbig, V.L. Meneghetti, C.R. Storck, M. Pinno, C.V. Rombaldi 1026-1033
PS8-7 - 6269 - Influence of drying conditions and storage period, in the physical integrity and cooking time of beans – C.M. Romano, E. Aosani, E. Helbig, D. Rutz, M.A. Schirmer, M.C. Elias 1034-1042
PS8-8 - 6270 - Grain quality and energy consumption by evaluation intermittent methods of rice drying – M.C. Elias, F. da F. Barbosa, J.C. da Rocha, F.M. das Neves, G. Cella, Á.R.G. Dias 1043-1052
PS8-9 - 6242 - Study of the performance of natural air / low temperature in-bin drying of different corn types using simulation – R. Bartosik, D.E. Maier 1053-1057
Plenary Session 9. Psocids, Mites, and Other Contaminants 1059
Keynotes 1059
KPS9-1 - Psocid and mite pests of stored commodities: small but formidable enemies – M.K. Nayak 1061-1073
KPS9-2 - Arthropods as sources of contaminants of stored products: an overview – V. Stejskal, J. Hubert 1074-1080
Conference Papers 1081
PS9-1 - 6105 - Psocids: weight losses of grain and biological control by pseudoscorpions – M.J. Pascual-Villalobos 1083-1086
PS9-2 - 6137 - Significance and feeding of psocids (Liposcelididae, Psocoptera) with microorganisms – I. Kalinovic, V. Rozman, A. Liska 1087-1094
PS9-3 - 6125 - Seasonal distribution of psocids in stored wheat – J.E. Throne, G.P. Opit, P.W. Flinn 1095-1103
PS9-4 - 6142 - Faunistic records of new stored product psocids (Psocoptera: Liposcelididae) for Portugal – Z. Kucerová, M.O. Carvalho, V. Stejskal 1104-1107
PS9-5 - 6144 - Degradation of cockroach allergen Bla g 2: Does the amount of the allergen increase after partial microbial degradation of faeces? – I. Køízková-Kudlíková , J. Hubert, T. Erban, A. Klaudyová, R. Aulický, V. Stejskal 1108-1113
PS9-6 - 6216 - The presence of rodent hair in food : a risk of human health – É.R.A. da Silva, M.H. Martini 1114-1116
PS9-7 - 6283 - Mold mites Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Shrank) in stored products – D.K. Mueller, P.J. Kelley, A.R. VanRyckeghem 1117-1122
Plenary Session 10. General Session on Stored Grain Protection 1123
Conference Papers 1123
PS10-1 - 6194 - Effectiveness of the standard evaluation method for hydraulic nozzles employed in stored grain protection trials – J.A. Vásquez-Castro, G.C. de Baptista, C.D. Gadanha Jr., L.R.P. Trevizan 1125-1130
PS10-2 - 6153 - Effect of spray volume on the moisture of stored corn and wheat grains – J.A. Vásquez-Castro, G.C. de Baptista, C.D. Gadanha Jr, L.R.P. Trevizan 1131-1135
PS10-3 - 6181 - A new method to evaluate the performance of hydraulic nozzles used in stored grain protection trials – J.A. Vásquez-Castro, G.C. de Baptista, C.D. Gadanha Jr., L.R.P. Trevizan 1136-1141
PS10-4 - 6182 - Influence of emulsifiable concentrate formulations on the physical properties of the fluid, spray characteristics, and insecticide deposits on stored grains – J.A. Vásquez-Castro, G.C. de Baptista, C.D. Gadanha Jr., L.R.P. Trevizan 1142-1148
PS10-5 - 6186 - Wheat quality management process applied at Cooperativa Integrada (Assaí, PR). Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) on pre and post-harvest – C.M.G. Bernardi, M.V.E. Grossmann, I. Lorini 1149-1156
PS10-6 - 6335 - Detection of stored products pests by pheromone traps in seven warehouses in Luanda/Angola – R. Pacavira, O. Mata, A. Manuel, A.P. Pereira, A. Mexia 1157-1165
PS10-7 - 6159 - Modeling airflow in outdoor grain pile aeration systems – D. Maier , C.A. Campabadal, S. Khandelwal, J. Lawrence 1166-1173
PS10-8 - 6160 - Monitoring carbon dioxide levels for early detection of spoilage and pests in stored grain – D.E. Maier, R. Hulasare, B. Qian, P. Armstrong 1174-1181
PS10-9 - 6170 - Insect pests and management of stored hard wheat in central southern Italy – P. Trematerra, P. Gentile 1182-1188
PS10-10 - 6171 - Spinosad provides long-term protection for stored wheat – E.L. Bonjour, T.W. Phillips, J.T. Pitts 1189-1193
PS10-11 - 6174 - The diatomaceous earth treatment effects in the nutritional composition of maize grains – F.C. Ceruti, A.R. Pinto Júnior., R.I.N. Carvalho, V. Raphalski, J.M. Santos, M.V.T. Iaguszeski 1194-1197
PS10-12 - 6179 - Traceability in the wheat production chain – F.C. Ceruti, S.M.N. Lazzari, F.A. Lazzari 1198-1205
PS10-13 - 6183 - GrainPlan - development of a practical tool to improve grain storage on UK farms: knowledge transfer in action – R.H. Williams, S.C.W. Hook, C.G. Parker, J. Shields, J.D. Knight, D.M. Armitage 1206-1211
PS10-14 - 6188 - Insecticidal efficacy of diatomaceous earth against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) – N. Shayesteh, M. Ziaee, M.H. Safaralizadeh 1212-1217
PS10-15 - 6190 - Control of Sitophilus zeamais Mots., 1958 and Sitophilus oryzae (L., 1763) weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in stored corn grain (Zea mays L.) with insecticide pirimiphos methyl (Actellic 500 CE) – B. Alleoni, W. Ferreira 1218-1225
PS10-16 - 6191 - Control of Sitophilus zeamais Mots., 1958 and Sitophilus oryzae (L., 1763) weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in stored barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) with insecticide pirimiphos methyl (Actellic 500 CE) – B. Alleoni, W. Ferreira 1226-1233
PS10-17 - 6192 - Control of Sitophilus zeamais Mots., 1958 and Sitophilus oryzae (L., 1763) weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in stored rice grain (Oryza sativa l.) with insecticide pirimiphos methyl (Actellic 500 CE) – B. Alleoni, W. Ferreira 1234-1241
PS10-18 - 6193 - Control of Sitophilus zeamais Mots., 1958 and Sitophilus oryzae (L., 1763) weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in stored wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with insecticide pirimiphos methyl (Actellic 500 CE). – B. Alleoni, W. Ferreira 1242-1250
PS10-19 - 6227 - Test on cooling grains with intellectual ventilation system – W. Shuanglin, L. Shengbin, Z. Xiaojun 1251-1256
PS10-20 - 6230 - Sensitivity analysis using a grain storage facility model – L.C. Silva, R.A. Flores, D.M. Queiroz 1257-1263
PS10-21 - 6256 - Effectiveness of different dosages of diatomaceous earth to control Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in corn stored in the state of Roraima – A.L. Marsaro Junior, M. Mourão Junior, P.R.V. da S. Pereira, P.M.F. Cosme 1264-1268
PS10-22 - 6258 - Effectiveness of different dosages of diatomaceous earth to control Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in corn stored in the state of Roraima – A.L. Marsaro Junior, M. Mourão Junior, P.R.V. da S. Pereira, W.R.S.C. de Paiva 1269-1273
PS10-23 - 6275 - Influence of the addition of organic acids in the fungal contamination and in the conservation of grains of sorghum hermetic stored – M.C. Elias, W. da S. Krolow, R.G. Dionello, M.Z. Peter, P.R. Gonçalves, P.L. Antunes 1274-1282
Panels 1. Stored Grain Procedures and Practices 1283
KP1-1 - Development of a new low-energy environmentally compatible grain and seed drying and storage technology – R.T. Noyes 1285-1294
KP1-2 - Good practices in grain storage – M.G. Campos 1295-1301
Panels 2. Modernization on Stored Grain Facilities 1303
KP2-1 - Application of sealing technology to permanent grain storage in Australia – C.R. Newman 1305-1315
KP2-2 - Engineering design and operation of equipment to assure grain quality and purity – D.E. Maier 1316-1326
Workshops 1. Standards and Sanitary Barriers in the International Market of Grain and Fibers 1327
KW1-1 - Sanitary and phytosanitary measures: an Australian perspective – M. Robbins 1329-1336
Workshops 2. Practical Experience on Integrated Pest Management on Stored Grain 1337
KW2-1 - Integrated pest management strategies used in stored grain in Brazil to manage pesticide resistance – I. Lorini, A.Ferreira Filho 1339-1345
KW2-2 - IPM practice and attempt in last several years in China grain storage – W. Dianxuan 1346-1351
Author Index 1353-1359
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