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Tribolium Linkage Group 2

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Link: A gene Link: A gene Link: A gene Link: A gene Link: ba gene Link: Cx gene Link: Cx gene Link: Dfd gene Link: Er gene Link: eu gene Link: eu gene Link: g gene Link: mxp gene Link: mxp gene Link: mxp gene Link: mxp gene Link: mxp gene Link: Ps gene Link: ptl gene Link: Rap gene Link: Rd gene Link: sps gene Link: tr gene Link: mc gene Link: mxp gene Link: mxp gene Link: tar gene Link: ub gene Link: Utx gene Link: vwe gene Link: lethal-31 gene Link: lethal-47 gene Link: lethal-83 gene LG 2 linkage map
Mutant Name LG
A Abdominal Linkage Group  2 
A(Es-1) Abdominal(Extra sclerite) LG ( 2 ,  4 )
A(mas) A(missing abdominal sternite) Linkage Group  2 
A(pas) A(pointed abdominal sternite) Linkage Group  2 
ba broken antenna Linkage Group  2 
Cx Cephalothorax Linkage Group  2 
Cx(apt) Cephalothorax(alate prothorax) Linkage Group  2 
Dfd Deformed Linkage Group  2 
Er Eyes reduced Linkage Group  2 
eu extra urogomphi Linkage Group  2 
eu-D extra urogomphi LG ( 2 ,  5 )
g glossy cuticle Linkage Group  2 
mxp maxillopedia Linkage Group  2 
mxp(Spa) maxillopedia(Spatulate) LG ( 2 ,  4 )
mxp(Stb) maxillopedia(Stubby) Linkage Group  2 
mxp(Stbd) maxillopedia(Stubboid) Linkage Group  2 
mxp(Stm) maxillopedia(Stumpy) Linkage Group  2 
Ps Pinched sternellum Linkage Group  2 
ptl prothoraxless Linkage Group  2 
Rap Recurved anterior pronotum Linkage Group  2 
Rd Reindeer Linkage Group  2 
sps shoulder pads Linkage Group  2 
T(2;4) tr trembler LG ( 2 ,  4 )
T(2;5) mc(Ey) microcephalic(Eyeless) LG ( 2 ,  5 )
T(2;9) mxp(Dch-1) maxillopedia(Dachsund-1) LG ( 2 ,  9 )
T(2;9) mxp(Dch-3) maxillopedia(Dachsund-3) LG ( 2 ,  9 )
tar tar Linkage Group  2 
ub unbuckled Linkage Group  2 
Utx Ultrathorax Linkage Group  2 
vwe vestigial wings and elytra Linkage Group  2 
x-31 lethal Linkage Group  2 
x-47 lethal Linkage Group  2 
x-83 lethal Linkage Group  2