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ub = unbuckled
Gene: ub
Feature/structure: Prothorax, appendages.
Linkage Group:  2 
Origin: Beeman Lab, USGMRL, Manhattan, KS. Spontaneous mutant recovered from F2 of ab X pas30,p cross.
Description: • T1 epimera deflected ventro-posteriorly.
• T2 metepimera are displaced from the plane of surrounding sclerites ["flaps"].
• Antenna, legs, gemale genital stylii, and mouthparts are more slender than those of wild-type.
• Genital papillae of female pupae have a small, round sclerotization at the ventral midline anterior margin. Expression ranges from a barely visible dot to an enlarged structure taking up the full middle third of the papillar base. These larger ones usually have a darker sclerotized center. [Larvae have not been seen with these dots].
Illustration of ub mutant