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      3.2 Bamp 3P2 based crossover suppressor w/ 40+ cM range Linkage Group  3 
      3P1 Bamp-27 based crossover suppressor w/ 30 cM range Linkage Group  3 
      3P2 Bamp-27 based crossover suppressor w/ 30 cM range, and recessive au Linkage Group  3 
      A Abdominal Linkage Group  2 
      A(Es-1) Abdominal(Extra sclerite) LG ( 2 ,  4 )
      A(mas) A(missing abdominal sternite) Linkage Group  2 
      A(pas) A(pointed abdominal sternite) Linkage Group  2 
      Bamp-27 Blunt abdominal and metathoracic projections Linkage Group  3 
      sps shoulder pads Linkage Group  2