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T(2;5) mc(Ey) = microcephalic(Eyeless)
Gene: mc
Feature/structure: Eyes and head
Linkage Group: ( 2 ,  5 )
Origin: Gamma irradiatin of GA-1 [wild-type].
Description: • Dominant allele of mc on LG 5, with a similar range of expression [see mc]. Ey is a T[2;5].
• The lethality seems to be associated with LG 2, since Dp[2]/Ey/Ey is viable [where Dp is derived from mxpDch/Es1].
• Ey is a good HOM-C balancer, [good crossover suppression, fertile, fully penetrant, heterozygotes extremely viable, homozygous lethal]. Only one recombinant [out of ca. 2000] has been observed, placing Ey closer to the mxp-apt region than to the A region.