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Utx = Ultrathorax
Gene: Utx
Feature/structure: Elytra, mesothorax [T2]
Linkage Group:  2 
Origin: EMS mutagenesis using Lab-S or GA-1 wild-type strains.
Description: • Dominant with warped elytra [gain-of-function, based on dosage analysis] and protruding T2 epimera ["flaps"].
• Recessive A1 to T3 transformation [loss-of-func?] seen in homozygous embryos.
• Utx1 acts as a lethal only in the Utx1/Es1 bal. stock. Using Stm, Ey or mxpNG-1 as balancer, apparent Utx1 homozygotes are generated. These have "membranous antecoxae" [recessive] phenotype in addition to warped elytra and flaps. We cannot reconcile this phenomenon with the lethal embryo [A1 to T3] phenotype seen in the Utx1/Es1 stock. Utx1 derived from "homozygous" stock regains lethality when placed opposite Es1!
• Recombination with apt, but not A.