ID Stored Wheat Insects

        Insect less than 1/10 inch
                Grain Mites
        Insect about 1/10 to 2/10 inch
                Insect ant-like
                        Anisopteromalus calandrae
                        Theocolax elegans
                        Cephalonomia waterstoni
                Insect beetle-like
                        Head NOT tucked
                                Warehouse Pirate Bug
                                Foreign Grain Beetle
                                Rusty and Flat Grain Beetles
                                Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
                                Flour Beetles
                        Head tucked under
                                Dark reddish-brown with a cylindrical body
                                        Lesser Grain Borer
                                Light camel-brown
                                        Hairy Fungus Beetle
                                        Drugstore Beetle
                                        Cigarette Beetle
                        Head with snout
                                Rice Weevil
                                Granary Weevil
                                Maize Weevil
        Insect over 1/3 inch
                Insect ant-like
                        Habrobracon hebetor
                Insect beetle-like
                Insect moth-like
                        Angoumois Grain Moth
                        Indian Meal Moth